Google Pixel 7 Review – 3 Months Later 2022

January 13, 2023

Google Pixel 7 Long Term Review
It’s been about 3 months since the launch of Google’s Pixel 7, and since then it has become a favourite for most tech enthusiasts. It is easily the best value for money phone as of this moment since it packs the same features and build quality as the Pixel 7 Pro with a few exceptions. This is a review of the Google Pixel 7 based on my experience over the last 3 months.

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  1. Lovely.

  2. Good friend

  3. Where can I get this in Nigeria???

  4. Please sir I have an unrelated question please
    Please which is better to get a replacement with frame or without frame

  5. Reply
    Build your own version of success. January 13, 2023 at 11:42 am

    Loved this review mate! Awesome šŸ‘šŸ¾

  6. Looooove my pixel 7!! Had it for two months and it is freakn amazing.

  7. Simply the best device for the price, no competition.

  8. Great, will try Pixel phone in the future

  9. First time Pixel owner, got the 7 and so far I'm not really feeling the upgrade over the OnePlus 5T and it a 5+ years old device

  10. How is the Battery life?

  11. Fingerprint sensor is garbage. Rarely works first time. Would not recommend phone if you want to use this feature.

  12. I still can't decide which to get. 7 or 7 pro. The price difference might sway me to the 7 but I like the bigger 6.7 inch screen on the pro. I'm not happy that they don't give you a plug with it. I have heard people having issues with generic type c plugs not charging properly. Nice review šŸ‘Œ

  13. am usinh 7 pro…. pictures are nailed it.. worth for money

  14. How do we buy it to nigeria

  15. Lovely video and I found it at the perfect time, Iā€™m two paychecks away from getting a new phone but Iā€™m still waiting to make an educated decision, this longer-term review is super helpful!

  16. Sweeeeeet review!

  17. Provably the only smartphone without a bad or average review rating so far.

    My next phone for sure in sha Allah

  18. I used own a pixel 6 pro, however I disliked the size and the weight of the phone. So I opted for a pixel 7 on this occasion.

    Things I love

    Flat screen
    Matte finish on the camera
    Matte finish on the sides
    Software experience

    Things that could be better

    Quality of the screen – 6pro was much punchier and better due to type of screen.

  19. My pixel 7 has been excellent for me since December when I got it. I don't think I want to leave the Google pixel lineup in the nearest future especially considering the fact that they get better with age

  20. Izzy were can i get it pls.. at an affordable rate..?..

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