Google fined $57million under data law – BBC News Review 2022

June 13, 2022

France has fined Google $57 million for breaching new European Union laws on data and content. It’s the biggest penalty so far for breaking the laws. French prosecutors said Google was not clear enough about how it was using people’s personal information to target them with adverts.

Key words and phrases

murky = unclear and possibly dishonest

• She’s such a nice person that you’d never believe her murky past.
• The historical account is murky. No one knows what really happened.

to the tune of = to the amount of

• Ronaldo signed a contract with Juventus to the tune of €100 million.
• He received compensation for his injury to the tune of £20 thousand.

flunked = failed an assessment

• I’m going to flunk my English test – I don’t understand anything!
• Dan nearly flunked out of university in his second year. Too much partying!

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  1. Thank you❤

  2. Where can I get this script, BBC?

  3. I luv these beautiful words💖!!

  4. Myram studied badly. She's very sad today because she's going to flunk her philosophy exam.

  5. The club sold the best football player to the tune of €225 000 000.

  6. A former president of the USA signed up a murky contract with Iraq.

  7. Good job 💚

  8. I adore you …:))))))

  9. Thank you very much This program very useful to improve my English knowledge . Thank s once again..

  10. My earlier understanding on murky is now not murky 😊

  11. Nice way of learning keep it up

  12. It's all Greek to me. That was a good one and I will have it in my mind forever. Cz I just learned it yesterday and I didn't believe my teacher that there could be an expression like that.

  13. WOW! 😯 Haha!

  14. Soy el único que habla español

  15. 7:15 7.17 . what did he say ?

  16. It helps me o learn new words.

  17. I never want to be in the murky situation but I prefer to solve it.

  18. Have been through many resources to learn English. Never enjoyed as much as learning from bbc learning English. Keep up the good work lovely team

  19. Thank you, BBC>

  20. Hello BBC . I have a question .
    " to the tune of " = in the vicinity of
    am I correct ?

  21. I really appreciate

  22. Thanks a lot you are amazing your language is really really clear

  23. lol, is this the first time when hosts look at the camera?
    I felt it different this time and then realized that I got used to the situation when they look at each other.
    but anyway, either is good 🙂 thank you!

  24. What does account means in this sentence "The historical account …"? Thanks BBC.

  25. If I am not wrong that Dan said "they are Greek to me". I am happy that I can understand what he meant. The phrase "to be Greek to" was taught in Shakespeare series, said a BBC big fan ;). Love BBC as always.

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    Thayyibathul Munavvara92 June 13, 2022 at 1:42 am

    I'll definitely flunk in terminal physiology exam

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    Thayyibathul Munavvara92 June 13, 2022 at 1:42 am

    Some time anatomy is murky

  28. Always Amazing .
    News review is my favourite program.
    Thanks BBC.

  29. Hello,BBC.I have two questions to query,in 1:56 what Dan said in the brackets?(Intensi?)there are fishes in Thames… in 5:53,Dan said football (almight?) sign up football club…I listen a lot of times,but I do not hear clearly.Can you help me?

  30. It's nice to start my morning with a BBC Learning English video ! Thank you very much!

  31. Brilliant and clear explanation) thanks again )

  32. Thanks, everyone! I didn't know any of those words before this video.

  33. Thanks bbc.plz keep doing more of the news review

  34. My mind was murky before, now I am sure I will not flunk in my test. Thanks.

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    דבורה הדסה June 13, 2022 at 1:42 am

    I like watching BBC learning English. Thanks a million from Brazil!

  36. Thqnks to you, I will never flunk my English test.

  37. Should he say the great or the greatest fear of the age?
    As usual, we learn something new everyday bcoz of you guys. Thanks a lot.

  38. It's all Greek to me – in Italy we say "Arabic" 😉

  39. Murky means unclear or dishonesty
    to the tune of means to the amount of
    flunked means failed assessment

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