GLASS ONION: Ending Explained | Full Breakdown, Easter Eggs & Review 2022

December 26, 2022

GLASS ONION: Ending Explained | Full Breakdown, Easter Eggs & Review. We review, recap and explain the ending of Glass Onion. This talks about the mystery throughout this who-dun-it movie, along with the clues, hints, and easter eggs that hint at the ending of the film.

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Alright so Rian Johnson’s latest mystery sequel Glass Onion is finally on Netflix, so you poor chumps that missed it during that random week in theaters are finally in luck. Famed Detective Benoit Blanc is back at it, so in this video we’re going to slice open this Glass Onion, and do a full breakdown of the film, explain the twist ending, easter eggs, hidden details you may have missed, along with our reaction and review of this latest Netflix mystery movie.

With that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this, I’m your host Jared, now let’s get into Glass Onion.

Alright so Glass Onion quickly introduces our group of players, all having some sort of a connection, or let’s say friendship, to a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist by the name of Miles Bron, each receiving similar mysterious puzzle boxes. While each jumps on a group chat to solve the puzzle together, the characters slowly reveal themselves. Claire Debella, the governor of Connecticut now running for the Senate, Lionel Toussaint, the head scientist for Miles’s company named Alpha, Birdie Jay, a former supermodel turned fashion designer, and Duke Cody, a Twitch streamer and men’s rights activist. Along with Peg, who is Birdie’s assistant, and Whiskey, Duke’s girlfriend and Twitch channel assistant, so like hit that like button fam!

Together they solve the various puzzles of the puzzle box, revealing an onion looking shape with a personal invite to Bron’s private Greek island for a weekend murder mystery party getaway from the craziness that was 2020. Ironically the symbol on the invite is that of a Greek evil eye, or mati, which usually symbolizes a curse given by one person to another by way of a spiteful or bitter look. Hinting Bron may have some sort of power over the group.

Janelle Monáe’s character, Cassandra “Andi” Brand, also receives a puzzle box, however was NOT included in the group call, and instead shows her hilariously smashing the box to get the invite, rather than solving the puzzle. Meaning she’s unlike the others, and her current situation being in a robe in an unfinished basement adds to this.

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  1. Apologies for the reupload, Youtube hit us with it being restricted to over 18s. Think it was cos of Bautista walking round tin them chaps. Apologies if this destroys your enjoyment of the video but I hope you have a good Christmas and New Year.

  2. One more gripe with the movie: Andi's email to the people who testified against her. She tells them that they have one last chance to make things right, but what does that mean? They don't have the money and company ownership that Andi wants and deserves, Miles does. Her old friends could admit in a new trial that they lied previously about whose napkin led to the company's founding, but the accuracy of their new testimonies would be in question. Andi's napkin is much more consequential than new testimonies, so I don't get why Andi would reach out to her old friends at all. Andi's email is the catalyst for her death, so I think there should've been a clearer need for her to send the email.

  3. In addition to how it's never revealed if Miles knew it was Helen all along, I have issues with the Miles/Duke dynamic. Duke reveals the news alerts on Andi's death to Miles in coded language, immediately using the alerts as a means of blackmail. Duke also shows no sorrow over the death of someone he was friends with for a decade and no confusion over news of the death of someone who was supposedly right in front of him moments ago. All of this indicates that Duke knew about Miles' attempt to murder Andi and spoke to Miles about it at some point before the party scene. With this in mind, why would Duke go to the island and risk suffering the same fate as Andi? Or why wouldn't he be more careful than accepting a drink from someone he knows poisoned someone? Duke knows that he's the sole witness to Miles' crime, so it should be clear that Miles would want to get rid of him too, especially since Duke has made it known that he's willing to expose Miles if Miles doesn't give him the job he wants.

  4. This movie is awful lmao. Got through 30 minutes and all the buzzwords and pop culture shit is just overwhelming cringe. It was written my a 15 year old 100%

  5. Anyone ever gonna mention the ouroboros in the frame in Andi’s apartment?

  6. I enjoyed the movie on the first watch, waiting for all of the details to be revealed. But the more I've thought about the plot afterwards, the more questions I have. My main problem with the movie is that it's never revealed whether Miles knew Helen was in disguise all along or if he initially thought that Andi may have survived his murder attempt. If Miles thought Andi was the one who showed up on the island, he would've pulled her aside at some point to ask what she remembered about their last interaction and, if she remembered the murder attempt, see if/how Andi planned to retaliate. If Miles knew from the jump that Helen was the one on the island, then Benoit Blanc's presence should have been more alarming to him because now he'd have a woman seeking answers about her sister's death and a renowned detective there to help her. In this scenario, I doubt Miles would've allowed Blanc to stay. The movie emphasizes Miles' stupidity, but I don't think that's enough to explain how he moves past his surprise over Helen and Blanc's arrivals.

  7. There is a question that tortures my mind about the film, if the Murderer knew the victim (without say his name) was dead, why did he send a mystery box to her house ?

  8. The hindenburg was a false flag attack- like the titanic and 9/11.

  9. Beyonces fashion line uses sweatshops.

  10. “NAT” not “Nate” King Cole
    Nice video😊

  11. So y’all a see ye inna back aka Kanye West

  12. It wasn't a slip up…. he always called her Helen when they were alone…. That moment happened right before we learned who she really was…
    it was meant to get us to go …. "Helen"???? which it did for me…. then we seen behind the curtain

  13. *NAT King Cole

  14. okay so, why miles and specially duke didn't even got bizarrely confused of why there's an andi with them when she's apparently on the news proclaimed dead? (unless duke is an accomplice to miles for attempting to kill andi or duke really wants andi dead then fine, but nah right?)

  15. Loved it except for the napkin getting burned. Braun was like 20 feet away then instantly lighting it on fire in her hand without her flinching at all

  16. I didn't realize that was Angela Lansbury there. May have been her last role. She was a true legend. RIP

  17. I don't get the left/right handed guitar thing. just because you can't play left-handed doesn't make you an idiot? you could easily just restring the guitar and play it right-handed. Jimi Hendrix couldn't get a left-handed guitar so he played right-handed ones upside down

  18. danielle criags blue outfit looks exactly like Epstein's island building.

  19. But of course! Bron was based on the world's greatest bullshit artist Elon Musk!

  20. Reply
    Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises December 26, 2022 at 7:53 pm

    My whole family had Christmas brunch while wearing matching pajamas and then we piled into the living room to watch The Glass Onion. We loved it! Everyone was guessing along the way and no one got it perfectly right. The ending with the group of despots suddenly being on Helen's side was troubling. I found myself yelling at the TV that Helen should sue them all and have them charged for their previous perjury.

  21. I have one simple question: why did none of the disputers/friends, except for Birdie, know that she had a sister or twin sister? In fact, Birdie did mention about her knowledge of Andi’s sister.

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