Gintama Episode 318 Anime Review – Farewell Odd Jobs 2022

January 1, 2023

Gintama Episode 318 really nails in that we are reaching the final arc of the series. Thoughts on Odd Jobs splitting up? Ready for Gintama Episode 319 Review?

Love you all so much thank you for all the support!
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  1. Ah Umibozu is a monster! It's going to be crazy seeing him fight seriously.

  2. This arc is a total letdown tbh can't compare it to the last two

  3. Can't wait for the Shinsengumi to return!!!!

  4. Reply
    Clarence Bernardino January 1, 2023 at 3:50 am

    CAN YOU PLEASE DO A LIVE REACTION. LIKE, SERIOUSLY. COME ON CHIBI. ONEGAI!!! (this is your silent fan begging)

  5. manga readers pls spam him with doing a live reaction when some epic fight(s) are coming!

  6. I loved it~

  7. Music was on point as well.

  8. Oh BTW, is it just me or Nobume's outfit fits her extremely well. She looks absolutely beautiful and that smile when the bid farewell….HNNNNNNNGGGGG

  9. so kagura's homeplanet is Rakuyo; it really seems like a sad place, but battle on rakuyo arc, I have this feeling it will be epic!

  10. so did anyone notice how bad the art and animation were??

  11. tuck in your buttcheeks everyone. gintama about to take all of you on a feel trip

  12. Reply
    Just a prince with a mustache January 1, 2023 at 3:50 am

    I loved the episode, but there was one joke in the manga I had hoped that they would adapt better in the anime. That scene where they beat Nobu nobu had a great joke in the manga. Insteda of saying ''13 seconds'' Gintoki said ''We can take down you government in only 5 pages''. It is just the most badass meta joke ever.

  13. please do a live reaction for next episodes

  14. Still waiting for my boy Katsura's fight!!!

  15. I think this arc will be awesome for the fighing side. I know Gintama had always give us awesome fights, but this
    time even Umibuzo is there so it will have some badass stuff

  16. Reply
    Ravioli Ravioli, give me a reason to live January 1, 2023 at 3:50 am

    Since Gintama airs in the middle of the night, and I have school the next day. I literally wake up- watch the episode, and then I go back to sleep. And then I can watch the same episode twice because I am tired and can't remember shit. I love Gintama maan… maaaaaan i love it.

  17. Sakamoto's laugh always gets me! It's so dorky, I love it!

  18. take down? after jojo you should be saying bring down 😉

  19. Damn! An idiot Father and Sister is going after Kamui. I wonder how the family reunion will go.
    Takasugi better wake up soon I want to see the Joui rebels back together again.

  20. gang gang.

  21. Chibi didn't you say you've read the manga to a certain point in this arc, or did I hear wrong?

  22. Kamui vs Umibozu HYPE!!!!!!

  23. I just finished the yoshiwara arc and I gotta say.. I'm not disappointed at all. This show is amazing

  24. It's about to get real!!

  25. How long will this season be?

  26. Chibi, I gotta know…

    Are you a feminist?

  27. cbibi you need to get better sleep your eyes are getting puffy

  28. " I'm not a lolicon I'm a feminist " – funniest thing ever I swear
    BTW chibi I'm gonna need some Live Reactions to the GODSAUCE Your about to witness

  29. GOATAMA!!!!!!!!

  30. This season of Gintama is only 12 episodes long so we only having this arc then hiatus again 🙁 Final arc will be next season of Gintama

  31. Cant wait for them big fights in this arc. Loved the comedy in this episode when gin and zura fell asleep

  32. Gintama feels…… Get ready, Chibi. There is no looking back T__T

  33. Chibi could you consider reading gantz and reviewing it. Its a fucked up manga but its pretty great

  34. Kamui, Gintoki, Isaburo, Sakamoto, Katsura, and Bansai…
    Everyone exposing the shit out of Nobunobu… I LOVE IT.

  35. It's a shame we'll have to move away from Sephiroth for now but Kamui and Umibozu will be hype too.

  36. never seen Gintama. when do I start?

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