April 9, 2023

Is the LVOA-C Bad News in Ghost Recon Wildlands worth the tier grind? I review it at level 30 and compare it head to head with other level 30 assault rifles to find out which really is the best!

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‘Brutal Cycle’ and
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  1. I’ve been running the MK18 with the same attachments as the bad news for right about a year and I just got the bad news about an hour ago and I think I am in love

  2. Thank you for this information man! This video is already 5yrs old but it really helps me alot to add spice of motivation to get this gun!

  3. I bought the mk18 early on and never looked back. Only assault rifle I run, with the mk14.

  4. Got this game in 2019 and I'm still in awe on how cool it is. When I first picked it up, I had no internet and it was very base and vanilla. Then after connecting to the internet I got an update that came with ghost mode! It was what I was wanting (1 primary and slow planning) beat it over and over and over. Currently on tier 17 in ghost mode. Have the mk18 level 22 and the m9 lvl 3. I played it so much that Ubisoft let me do alpha test for breakpoint. Wildlands is forever my top 5. So many character builds that it's always interesting. Even love using minimal hud. Top compass, items, action icons. Also fun to change camo to regions for immersive play. Shotguns are a let down except for el weys red shorty. Breakpoint fixed the shotguns. Both are pretty cool but Wildlands is numero uno

  5. The EXPS/G33 combo is unparalleled when it comes to short-mid range AR optics. It does what it needs to and nothing more.

  6. Hey there I’ve been on wildlands for a while now I’m around tier 34 having no trouble there but I never got the lvoa-c idk if I missed something or just didn’t get it by chance but is there anything to explain what happened I’m just confused and want to try out this weapon to see how it is

  7. After levelling up to Tier 5, I got this weapon. I went back to my G36C and M4A1 with Digital Scope. I can't bring myself to abandon two classics from Call of Duty 4 lol…

  8. I still cant get this gun i been stuck at rank 21 for years now.. even if you get it you cant use it in a new game which sucks.. they should make it so if you unlock them all you can use them all from the beginning if you start a new game.. but if you start a new game you’ll have to grind to get the gun again which is stupid..the mk 18 is better i think..

  9. Been playing wildlands again fully completing it and getting everything Im so close to tier 1, tier 25 rn definitely but a fun ride so far

  10. How do I level up to tier 5 faster?

  11. M4A1 is the best weapon in the game next to tar 21. Shooting full auto for M4 is way smother and quiter for me. If I could get the predeter M16 Id be pretty happy but I can only open free crates to get it free cause paying 20$+ for a outfit or a couple things sucks . Cant even buy the DLCs cause it feels like it would be a moneygrab for a few more missions / items. And I know suckers spent 100s of dollars on this game . Bad enough gotta pay to play it on consoles.

  12. The m4 is the best gun in the game if you switch the trigger to burst and also put on the compensater v2

  13. The sights work best for cqb for me

  14. Can you do a video on playing tier 1 level 1?

  15. how do I get it because I've been past tier 5 a long time ago and I don't have it yet

  16. I use m4a1 with acuog sight whith mk 48 with holographic sight and p226 a u.s. soldiers kit

  17. why dose so many not use the 556 any one know

  18. Why i cant get LVOA C bad news It said i need to get tier 05 but im already tier 45

  19. Reply
    کاوه عرفان April 9, 2023 at 11:31 pm

    ممنونم از تست خوب تو این دو بهترین هستن .

  20. "As you progress through tier mode more, enemies can take more bullets, they detect you quicker, and they also aim better".. Well, the first two are very true. As for the third one… Well, it's not so much better aiming as much as it is just literally aim-boting (once you get past tier 35 or so). I've been about 100m away from an enemy before while detected and running away from them at an angle rather than straight away (basically trying to dodge bullets while running) and literally every shot hit me and I was dead after the first 2… so they also do even more damage to you as you level up more tiers. Which in my opinion was just a very lazy thing for Ubisoft to do when it comes to AI difficulty. If they instead programmed the AIs to be more smart on a higher difficulty (example: not running in the open as often, finding a way to take you by surprise… etc.) I would rather fight an army of narcos who can possibly miss you with some shots and also need to hit you at least 4-5 times rather than fight a small group of enemies who can literally kill you the second you poke your head out with an Uzi from a mile away…

    It really is a good game. It's hard for me to hate on it a whole lot.. but there's been a lot of bullshit like this that will tend to happen to me that just makes me want to bomb Ubisofts corporate building

  21. i know im a bit late but to see the real damage its the best to have a mate hold your target so you can take your time to aim especially on console to get the best results from each distance 100-300 meters mainly couse the rest is pure sniper range if you would ask me

  22. Irl u cant suppress it can you?

  23. the tire 1 grind is fucking stupid already put over 24 hours of game time in to grinding and i am only at 32 its almost on par with GTAV

  24. I want that gun so bad

  25. I love this weapon.

  26. What the hell? A freaking video game?

  27. Wildlands need to put the Noreen Bad News in the game! It’s a DMR on a AR platform that can be chambered in 30-06, 300 WIN, and .338 Lupua!!

  28. Quite late to the party, just unlocked Bad News yesterday. Gotta say that I love it. Solid all round package.

  29. Short barrel actually has better recoil control over long barrel or standard barrel

  30. Reply
    I hate fortnight Give me a reason why i shouldn’t April 9, 2023 at 11:31 pm

    I think the bad news and the desert tech should switch places because the the tech is op as hell and the bad news just looks awesome

  31. Reply
    Quickscope One Eighty April 9, 2023 at 11:31 pm

    Shouldn't the animation for flipping the sights should be swapped? (Currently you push for the magnification and pull for no magnification)

  32. Reply
    『baitmaster76』 April 9, 2023 at 11:31 pm

    I like it, I'm more of a HK guy and normally don't use m4 or any stanag fed rifles, (only G36) and normally use the scar L or the mk14 but the lvoa-c looks badass

  33. How do you level up a gun?

  34. It'd be cool to get just a regular LVOA-C that you can throw your own attachments on. I'd prefer throwing a Tri laser and a Digital Scope on there with a shift short angled grip. Also, the LVOA-C is a really cool looking gun which makes me want it even more.

  35. Just ran into your content and I really like it! Noticed you haven’t uploaded since ghost mode is out? Would love to see you do a walkthrough and attempt to get tier 1 on that mode!

  36. Dude that's the best sight… I just leave it on magnification…

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