Get Rich In The New Economy Without A 9 To 5 Job (2023) reviews

December 1, 2022

If you want to take advantage of the digital economy, make money online, and not have to ever work a 9 to 5 job this video breaks down the first 5 steps you want to do to achieve this.

Jean-Luc episode summary:
1. Identify your goal what is it you want to do
2. Find people who are doing this and reverse engineer their success
3. Write down say five things that you think are contributing to their success (be specific)
4. Whatever those five things you write down are to prioritize them from easiest to do low-hanging fruit to the hardest to do and then I would just start at the bottom
5. Invest as much money and time and resources as possible to acquire the skill sets that you need to be at that level
6. Talking points on reading and effective learning strategies (check out syntopical reading – also, identify universal concepts and concepts with contrasting opinions)
7. Working towards learning/applying the “Five Things” identified as contributing to success (ie: TED Talks and how to get there, building a website, etc.)
8. Anecdotal story on how working towards those applied learning experiences materialized into freelance opportunities

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Host: Chris Do
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Cinematographers/Editors: Stewart Schuster, Mark Contreras, MOCS Media
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  1. Amazing content as always ❤

  2. God is a Designer

  3. I sat down today, took my time, and made some detailed notes on this video. It's a gold mine and a well-mapped-out guide for understanding the process of joining the digital economy.

    Thank you, Chris. This video is a game-changer for me. Well done video.

  4. Hi Chris
    I have been following for months now
    Ur videos are full of inspiration and great learning and knowledge that everyone needs nowadays
    I am also battling my battles in the field of education speciually freelance
    I am continuosly trying to educate people on platform like upwork as I am myself an active freelancer
    I would love for an opportunity to have a session with U discussing the future of freelance and sharing Ur wisdom with me and my audience
    I know U definitely are SUPER BUSY as I am myself with this tiny channel of mine as well as frelenacing
    Lemme know if there a possibility of such a meeting online to educate people in my community and to tell the importance of freelance and future proofing
    Thank U
    Keep up the good work
    Once again Ur an inspiration for me and Ur videos are Jam packed
    Once I start watching a video I cannot stop watching it until it finishes

  5. I'm getting value

  6. NO ADS ?!?!

  7. Can you talk about health insurance for the self employed? That’s something no one talks about but it’s so necessary!

  8. This is good for me in my 30s looking for a way out of my career into financial freedom! Thank you.

  9. as a usual cynic of these types of videos, Ill say the entirety of the video is straight gold and written in good faith.

    as an entrepreneur who found his way to a mid five figure salary generating by 24 while going to college, this is more or less exactly what happened to me and can attest to the advice given.

    now, the trick really is to start as early as possible, and to be mindful enough to realize when you need to scale your operations if you decide that's where you want you head.

  10. Hey Chris, thanks for all your content! Going through a big career transition + crisis right now, your content(s) been super helpful and priceless. Thanks! Keep it up!

  11. Always love Chris and your content! 🙏

  12. Thank you Chris! Awesome video! Your quote about valuable skills really resonated

  13. Don't stop what you're doing Chris…you're shaping a lot of lives. Mine included💯

  14. Last point was very true indeed! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  15. Really enjoying your videos, Chris! I saw you speak at Educon a few months ago in one of the breakouts. I tried to say hi to you afterward but missed the opportunity. I pivoted my career completely about 4 years ago and practice a lot of the things you speak about. But there is a ton I don't know. Looking forward to watching more!

  16. Great video man. Thank you

  17. Valuable

  18. Thank you Chris for this video!
    It's very helpful right now to me.

  19. great video

  20. thanks for sharing!

  21. With all these points, which are great. How do you create the habit to keep on track and execute the plan?

  22. Reply
    Tyhre The H is silent December 1, 2022 at 12:09 pm

    When you spoke on the reading aspect of the video it made me think if all the books I've read and I can say that I try to grab a few lessons or ideas in the text to research. I slow read to understand.

  23. I am working 8 to 5, 5 days a week. Is it fine to you?

  24. I wanna kiss the Futur man. He is so nice.

  25. Chris this video is so valuable! It laid out a pathway for what I want to do in the future.

  26. Quality content. Keep it up.

  27. I need to read philosophy, social skills books, business books, music theory.
    I need to work on my music, writing, video creation, story telling, public speaking, sales, marketing software, art. That's what I have in mind rn. I'll fine tune it on a word document.

  28. Perfect

  29. Thx for the awesome video!

  30. The biggest advantage is being born with money so you can have the tools you need

  31. Toughest thing I’ve been trying to figure out for a year. So far I’ve made around $10-$20 a month

  32. Syntopical reading is interesting – I thought about getting super deep into stoicism and therefore buying all the books Marc Aurel has written, but I may change my course a bit here based on that.

    All in all: wonderful video, it summarises so much, probably 80-90% whats most important, in just 9min!

    Super dense, you put the content first and not yourself, love it. Btw I love you too, been here for a while, but def. much more of a fan of the short form stuff (rather than this comment XO)

  33. I like your vibe, mate. Cheers.

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