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June 12, 2022

The gaming news this week includes The Week In Review Tarkov arena, Werewolves in Sims, Unreal Remake, Streetfighter 6, Tarkov Arena and much more.
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  1. Sorry bud, late to this one too, but I was delighted to hear you are also excited about the upcoming & very kool game "Stray", probably one of my Top 3 most anticipated games coming out this year man, stoked!

  2. they already made a modern unreal tournament and nobody played it… it was free too

  3. Unfortunately I don't feel like there's a snowballs chance in hell of getting a new arena shooter without egregious "live service" muppetry.

  4. Red Dead Redemption 3: Justified

  5. Look, another meaningless video to post something with "review" in the title. Why dont you just play a game and review it man? Cant be arsed if it aint big huh? Deeds reveal the man. eheheh.

  6. Share the makers of your background music! It's fantastic!

  7. Stray – possibly inspired by a love death + robots episode 🙂

  8. I am going to need to upgrade my pc. Could we get a Parasite eve remake please !!!

  9. Love the news, and information from this channel. I have been a huge fan, and Patreon now for quite sometime. Stray, and Calisto have me excited.

  10. Perfect weekly news video. Thanks!

  11. Damn it capcom give me a fucking dino crisis!! I love RE but we’re getting yearly releases and its great but diversify a bit.
    Dino crisis would sell millions of copies surely

  12. The music is too loud.

  13. where them timestamps @?

  14. Great video! Where can I find the background music? It was so good. Need to listen to it more please!

  15. Did my first modding ever inside UE2's IDE that came alongside UT 2004 (IIRC, I tried to recreate Balamb Garden); would love to see a new Unreal game 😀

  16. I really enjoy your videos but what would make them even better would be more accessibility! It would be awesome if you could include pre-made subtitles in your videos not only for people with hearing impairments but also for people starting to learn English 🙂

  17. very excited for Tarkov Arena, it seems like it will be a great place to practice gun play and to familiarize yourself with combat.

  18. Reply
    Sinister Mephisto June 12, 2022 at 8:44 am

    Sims Werewolves = Pandering to furries

  19. Unreal Tournament 2003 blew my mind and is the best UT of all time, and you can't change my mind. Having vehicles & team play in a crazy arena shooter was just so damn good.

  20. ooooooh boy, id love to pay for a remaster of Unreal/ut99. not that its rly needed though, gog versions of both run without issue on HD. but beeing able to play a proper console port again.. (fond memories of dreamcast splitscreen fun)

  21. If I have to choose between a new Dragon's Dogma and a new Devil May Cry, DMC wins everytime from me. I'll even take a remake of 3 or 4. RE4 looks awesome and so does Callisto Protocol. Can't wait for both.

  22. Callisto protocol is Event Horizon mixed with Alien 3! Cannot wait. Scorn and The Callisto Protocol are gonna be awesome games!

  23. I got massive Dead Space vibes when I first watched the trailer for Calisto Protocol. The character hanging upside down reminded me even further of Dead Space since that happens to Isaac.

  24. Justified! Unfortunately most boss battles would be at the table lol

  25. Did you talk about the altered camera angles in Callisto protocol?

  26. Did you talk about the altered camera angles in Callisto protocol?

  27. Enjoyed this video much more than the last news video. That Elden Ring co-op bait and switch bummed me out hard.
    I hope The Callisto Protocol recaptures the fun gameplay of Dead Space 2 and the genuine horror of Dead Space 1. I really want more Dead Space but not if EA is ANYWHERE near it's development. And that's where The Callisto Protocol could fill in that niche. Hopefully it delivers well.

  28. I hope Stray is good, the cat is excessively cute and adorable

  29. FYI you’re right about Stray not being exclusive to Sony but it is coming to PC on the same day as Playstation, so they aren’t getting it early or anything.

  30. Reply
    OtakuDante's Gaming Inferno June 12, 2022 at 8:44 am

    Furries have come to SIMS

  31. If we are gonna get a new Unreal then please make it a Remake.

    The unreal community patch has done so much already a remaster isn't needed.

  32. I don't know if Dragon's Dogma II will be a good game. But the first one is just so weird that I really want to see what a full fledged sequel looks like.

  33. kickback on the pistol takes me back to res evil 5's magnum

  34. this cat game is really about to blow up

  35. So great to be excited about a Capcom fighter again. It's been over 10 years since street fighter 4 dropped and that was my last hurrah for Capcom. Even if Streetfighter x tekken us a guilty pleasure

  36. Hard disagree about street fighter 6's trailer, that was easily the best reveal we've gotten for artstyle gameplay and gamemodes in a decade. Wasn't hard to follow at all imo.

  37. chun li's thighs bruh…

  38. Pooo that sims looks bad

  39. Stray DOES have a Steam page with a July 19th release date.

  40. Liking for mentioning Raylan Givens.

  41. If you don't have two monitors, don't try Tarkov. Load maps first.

  42. After Escape from Tarkov stole a gun from a game that was in development together with Kalashnikov, and then released that gun in EFT, I promised to myself that I will never support them again. Shitty practices if you ask me, now that game in development can't go to court because "EFT released it first" since the other game was in development

  43. Callisto and Stray is the games that I'm waiting and excited.
    Don't care about Resi 4,i'm tired with this game

    For god sakes Capcom make the god damn Code Veronica

  44. Reply
    Aclulaid Annuvera June 12, 2022 at 8:44 am

    No is is talking about season: a letter to the future. It looks like exactly my kind of game. If you like laid-back experiences check that on out.

  45. Cat animation is amazing. So excited for Stray

  46. Damit, I was holding a full cup of hot fresh coffee when that joke about watching the cat do stuff landed. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  47. Scorn on october and then Callisto Protocol on december, couldn't be happier being a sci-fi horror fan

  48. This video reminded me how much I dislike Dad of War

  49. 2004 UT is best.

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