Game Tester Video Games Jobs Review-Does It Really Work? 2022

September 18, 2022

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Game Tester Video Games Jobs Review-Does It Really Work?
Game tester/video games jobs, the thought of it brings up questions but most of all, doubt. At least, that went through my mind when an acquaintance of mine told me about it. I am sure you have the same feeling there if you have never heard of it before either.

Why game tester/video games jobs came to be

The gaming industry has grown to become over a $50 billion dollar business. I am sure you have seen a couple of games where they hired some well known actors in the game as Non Player Characters (NPC’s) or you can see them in short movies in between missions.

Game tester/video games jobs require gamers with or without a lot of gaming experience to test games and search for glitches, because programmers are not automatically gamers, you would be surprised.

Since the gaming industry is growing each year, it becomes more expensive for game developing companies to produce games that have mistakes in them.
Imagine online games with many players on their servers who experience these mistakes all the time. People talk and spread their complaints to their friends and on forums or blogs and this is a negative form of commerce.

What is the downside of game tester/video games jobs?

If you don’t want to use multiple consoles/computers (PC, XBOX360, PSP, PS3, Nintendo DS etc.), opportunities could be limited
You don’t get $150 an hour playing games like many reviewers/scammers claim. This is just a way they try to lure people to their product selling sites
Often it can be hard and long work
Your level of patience can be challenged at times, because sometimes you need to do one level or mission over and over again until you finally understand how to report the behavior of some bug
There is still a lot to do by yourself to obtain these jobs, but fortunately you will be guided step by step to do this
What is the upside of game tester/video games jobs?

You have a great excuse for why you play games so much
Salary varies from $10-$40 an hour. This depends on your experience and skills
You get to play the games before everyone else and on occasion you get to keep the games you test or you can buy them cheaper than retail
Sometimes you can work from home, then they will send you the game through mail and you only have to fill out a form which requires your opinion of different elements of the game, like: “What is your opinion of the tutorial, the menu, the game play or loading times”, things like that
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