Flight Review – Aegean Business Class Athens to Rhodes AND London 2022

December 31, 2022

I recently travelled from London to Rhodes via Athens on Aegean airways. I needed a clump of miles to accelerate the renewal of my Gold Status with Star Alliance, and had found a very inexpensive return fare in a 50% off sale – £211.

One of the many perks of holding gold status with Aegean is that you receive 4 upgrade vouchers to be used on Aegean flights. I’d attempted to upgrade both London flights but only the return flight had hit. I’d also paid €25 to upgrade one of the shorter legs to Rhodes. So although it was a little disjointed, I did travel from London to Rhodes in business class, and this video reviews that experience!

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⏰ Timestamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:36 – Athens to Rhodes
3:48 – Athens Airport
6:40 – Athens to London
9:45 – Arriving London

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  1. The food service you got is not how it was pre-you-know-what. It is also not the experience I had in December 2022 (will confirm in Jan 2023 on return leg)

  2. I fully lol twice in this video. V funny one, you're in good form

  3. Lovely video Matt. Merry Christmas to you and your family ❤️🎉🎊🍾🥂
    Haven’t flown Aegean yet. Might consider flying next year .

  4. The 25 euro domestic upgrade is worth it if you don't hold status. Lounge access, priority on everything, extra legroom seats and a snack on a <1hr flight? Great deal! The drink you had on the flight back to LHR was Mastiha (Mastic). Its based on the resin from a specific tree only found on the island of Chios.

  5. The upgrades seemed pretty decent IMO. Thanks for the info + video! Merry Christmas!!! 🎄🎄🎄

  6. I knew you'd pull through even today. Happy Christmas to you Matt.

  7. Another great video. Especially your expression when sampling the clear beverage on the second leg.

  8. That clear drink you had at the end was probably ouzo. It’s an after dinner drink. It has a licorice like flavor

  9. I think the 25 Euro upgrade is worth it, particularly if you don't have Star Gold status. Having access to things like the business lounge at Athens, extra baggage allowance, and that minuscule meal IMHO puts you out ahead. That being said, I still maintain that BA European business class is a cut above Aegean in terms of catering (at least when I flew them in 2019). Serving a proper meal for a 50 minute flight from DUB to MAN was an incredible sight to see!

  10. Like clock work Matt😊 Hope you have a very merry Christmas🇿🇦

  11. Could have been a Tsipouro

  12. A nice little Xmas present getting this today! Looked like an interesting experience! Nice video Matt!

  13. It’s possible in a very long haul US legacy carrier in business you might get that quality of food but I’d say it’s a 10-1 shot. It looked fresh and like the catering manager cared .

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