Finnair's FLAGSHIP Airbus A350 XWB: Business Class review! 2022

September 6, 2022

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Enjoy this pre-pandemic trip from Helsinki to Singapore Changi – have you ever flown Finnair?

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Date of Travel: 4 MAR 2020
Airline: Finnair
Livery: Finnair standard livery
Route: HEL-SIN
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
Flight Number: AY 121
Miles: 5756
Airborne time: 10h57m

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  1. Reply
    Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas September 6, 2022 at 10:47 pm

    Get Surfshark VPN at – Enter promo code WINGINIT for 83% off and THREE EXTRA MONTHS for free!

    Enjoy this pre-pandemic trip from Helsinki to Singapore Changi – have you ever flown Finnair?

    Follow me on Stereo: paullucas ¦

    Follow me on Twitter: @paul_winginit ¦

    Follow me on Instagram: paul_winginit ¦

    My website:

  2. Paul….
    Wingin' ain't easy….

  3. Going to fly Finnair from ham to Helsinki and then to Singapore in business in June 😇👏🏻 can’t wait 😊

  4. Thank you for showcasing the beauty, class, and simple luxury that us Finnish people appreciate. And the moomins didn’t impress me much as a kid either but I adore them now! I regret not appreciating Finland more since I haven’t been there since I was 12. I hate that I’ll probably never be able to go back as I alone take care of my now brain damaged and paralyzed mother. My dream is to take her back to her homeland someday so we can enjoy it as mother and daughter again. And one of the things I look forward to most should this dream come true is flying Finnair again. My mom cannot be in a 90 degree sitting position for more than 1-2 hours max so I would have to fly her first class. But seeing this I might be able to get by with business class. Thank you for posting this!

  5. Honestly, call me a Scrooge or whatever but for me the destination is the best part of the journey, and even on that matter I consider that going to a cheaper hotel and having more money for everything else is essential. 🙂 Also, I'm Finnish and I've been flying alone sometimes since i was 11 years old (89-liner).

  6. Now I can’t decide between Finnair and JAL for my flights from Singapore to DFW next January. Are Finnair cabins hot like JAL.

  7. Can I ask a question? We cannot decide whether to fly Swiss on a 777 or Finnair on the A350 in Biz to BKK. which one would you choose? Thanks for any help.

  8. It would be ever so useful to have a fuller description of the leg room available in business class. I'm 6'5", not as slender as I once was and have a shoe size that wedges my feet into the cubbyhole made for feet smaller than mine. I've had some most uncomfortable flights, disembarking feeling as though I had been on a 'reverse-rack' the whole time, never having been able to stretch my legs.

  9. Do you always have to recheck your bags with Finnair? I have a flight from JFK to HEL and then HEL to BKK, flying Business Class Classic.

  10. I just tried booking a business class Finnair flight between Bangkok Thailand and London UK. It was impossible. I have been flying internationally since New Years Day 1980 to all sorts of places and with all sorts of airlines. I have even been on several of the planes running into Iraq operated by the Russians. I have booked flights from all over the place in all sorts of situations.
    You cannot phone Finnair, you can try but they say no one is there and also want paying to answer the phone. You cannot raise a query about booking – without a booking reference which you cannot get because you can't book. Their bot is the most useless on the internet. There is no email provided even. Plenty of alternative airlines.

  11. I travelled regularly between Canada and Finland, love Finnair!

  12. Helsinki-Vantaa airport is my favorite airport in the word, and Finnair my favorite airline.

  13. Reply
    Gregory Kodolanyi-Ritter September 6, 2022 at 10:47 pm

    Out of thin air…

  14. Suomi Finland!!

  15. Love the snow clips at the airport!

  16. This dude is really out here saying "streets ahead"

  17. We flew Finnair from Amsterdam to Helsinki to Oulu. Our daughter was taking a semester abroad at Oulu University.
    The experience was beautifully done. They are. Wonderful airline.

  18. Your videos are spot on Paul!

  19. It is funny that the bathroom lights are horrendously blinky on a camera! That means they are cheaper than the cabin lights.

  20. Other airlines are streets behind.

  21. Thanks for your great review. Out of curiosity, even business class pax have to tag their own bags? No manned check-in counter at all? That's pretty sad.

  22. Dear Paul, thought about you this morning given that the first "Indian Pacific" in almost 12-months passed through Broken Hill last night on the journey to Sydney. I met you on the "I P" ex Sydney to Adelaide on Thursday, 8 December 2019, before departing on the inaugural "Great Southern" service ex Adelaide to Brisbane the following day. Will travel aboard the AY service in a couple of years from now.

  23. Cheers Mate Thank

  24. I started singing python's Finland song then said, hey, there don't seem to be mountains 🤣

  25. Why does it not surprise me that the country that invented the sauna would have one in the flagship lounge of their flag carrier…

  26. I flew this SIN-HEL-SIN route as a cabin crew for almost 5years. Back then the flights were AY81/82 until they changed it to the current AY131/132. Started with the A340-300s until of course they upgraded it to the 350s. Watching this video, I do recognise the crew, especially the one who was serving you. 🙂 Brings back fond memories of my days as Cabin Crew.

  27. Leave it to the Finns to put a sauna in an airport lounge, what a glorious place

  28. Flew Helsinki to Delhi Finnair business, really enjoyed it

  29. Reply
    Planes and Trains Fan September 6, 2022 at 10:47 pm

    5:32 have you been on an Emirates flight in 2020 during Covid.

  30. Sigh. It will be two years this March when I last flew. (QF SYD-JNB in J). We wanted to go to South America last year. When will travel be possible again?

  31. Awesome and really good video! Hopefully the travel restrictions would be over soon; How I miss getting to Singapore again!

  32. I was really hoping you would report on the glazed beef with rhubarb sauce & lemon potatoes – that sounds utterly amazing !!

  33. I flew economy to Singapore many moons ago landing at a similar time – I went straight to bed as soon as I got to the hotel and slept a solid ten hours!

  34. great video Paul, thanks for sharing, especially the gold tip not to go there between Nov and March.

  35. I liv in finlad

  36. it has a striking yellow and gold design as it is celebrating chinese/lunar new year! may be because Singapore is a Chinese majority country

  37. Love the; "hard job but someone has to do it!" 😅 Does the XBA stand for Extra Wide bodied Aircraft? Have missed the videos! Thank you. x

  38. I’ve got to say Paul I think this might be your best flight report yet. Slick editing, lovely commentary and great camera work. I’ve got tonsillitis at the moment and this was a great pick me up. Stay safe buddy

  39. love your videos. questions: 1. how do you choose your route ? is it just random ? based on deal you can find ?
    2. do you actually spend time at the destination or do you just do a lot of plane hopping ? 3. you recently seem to
    fly much more business/first class, is that from points/miles upgrade or you have more money now from youtube ?

  40. Unlike some I'm pleased for you to be able to get out and do what I want to do. That lounge saved my life after two heavy nights and days in Tampere and Helsinki. Thank god for the Fins and their extremely scary Moons theme tune.

  41. 14:40 You just had breakfast but local time is 5 pm?

  42. Another superb review Paul, your voice over is on point! Keep em coming! 👌🏽

  43. Reply
    Don's travels And rants. September 6, 2022 at 10:47 pm

    Great video, Paul. I'm starting to love the A350.

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