Final Fantasy 14 – A Review of the new most played MMO in the world 2022

May 9, 2023

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A review of Final Fantasy 14 after 6000 hours with it, focusing on where it went right, where it still might be going wrong, and what sets it apart from other games in the genre.

Introduction 0:00
Part 1 – The early game 12:50
Part 2 – The story 35:45
Part 3 – The ARR problem 54:43
Part 4 – The end game 1:17:35
Part 4b – Raiding 1:37:39
Part 5 – A home you can return to 1:48:38

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  1. Thanks to MANSCAPED for sponsoring today's video! Get 20% OFF + Free International Shipping + 2 Free Gifts with promo code "NKB" at

  2. This is an incredible review truly encapsulates the positives and negatives of the game well done

  3. 1:19:00 ah man that brings me back…

    I honestly miss this so much. The different classes you needed to take part in order to unlock jobs, too ! That gave the jobs a less linear progression, and there were even advantages to not taking a job and staying with a class instead. Of course they didn't outweigh the negatives most of the times, but the fact it was possible was so cool !

  4. Tetris has better music

  5. I didn't know the channel before this video and honestly it's really great and well done. I'm actually happy to see for once someone that isn't just saying "raiders = don't care about the immersion" kind of stuff. As a veteran raider in this game, I agree with like 100% of your critics actually, and that's rare that I do with someone who plays this game ahah
    I wish for real that raid area were really more immersive, like I love just going and prog the new fight on release, going hardcore and clear fast and all but I always kinda try to immerse myself within the fight, how great of an achievement it is to defeat that boss and yeah the area is usually quite… not helping. I'm sad cuz it wasn't the case that much in ARR with coils (except T13 but even that one kinda makes sense it does look that way), and alexander raids are also looking more like real place in the universe but as much as I love SB, ShB and actually EW savages (even tho I know it's an unpopular opinion at this point it seems lol), it really really feel too "video game boss" like :/

    There's also something you forgot to mention that's kinda relevant I think, is delubrum savage and baldesion, even tho nowadays they are also a lot easier than on release sadly, they still need a big group to manage to get in and defeat, but it's only 2 instances really. And I know this didn't exist yet when you recorded the video but just wanna mention that now there is 4man hard content with criterion! And even tho the rewards are lacking, I really really love it and been excited for it! I've wanted 4man hard content since unironically ARR ahah

    Anyway great video! Very good work ♥

  6. So the game is lame.

  7. Theme music…Hollow Knight May compete.

  8. Biggest mistake every mmo makes is the cash shop. I’d stick with ESO if you could actually earn anything worth a damn in the game instead of just paying cash to look cool.

  9. I very much appreciate that you can’t skip the story. I’m a new player, and in the past, I would just dungeon level as a tank or healer class in wow or eso. Missing alot of the story. I’m looking forward to experiencing the whole story in ffxiv.

  10. 1:17:35 The FFXIV "Endgame" is easy to define.

    It's playing dress up in the Limsa Aetheryte Plaza.

    That's what players do at max level.

  11. FF14 is the best mmo on the market. I used to say that about the Original EQ. Now, FF14 has that title as the best of the best .

  12. Honestly, I think this video is one of the best for information on FFXIV, while i've been playing the game for close to a year and have absolutely loved it, this video shone a light on a lot of things I didn't perceive as flaws before. I think it's great for bringing people into FFXIV, as well as showing them that the game does have flaws as opposed to a lot of videos which just sing its praises. A lot of videos I see on FFXIV consistently state that tha game is amazing.

  13. What I want to comment on is the music section I agree and disagree the music Is fucking 🔥🔥🔥and the only boss music I find on par or maybe better prolly fuz of my bias is from software music but both genres give me chills in these big moments and have so many years of bangers I feel not one is better than the other (a honorable mention is neither automata for me but it’s only one game and doesn’t have enough to compete with the other two

  14. Post expansions made me start making up my own dialogue because alot of it is just filler and I aint got time to read a bunch of filler when I can just skip the hours upon hours of garbage. I even started making up nicknames for the characters because how boring it can be. Still love it tho. 😁 can't stop.

  15. I almost ruined the story by watching I'm gonna go play now chow 🤭

  16. 33:23 caused by damage snapshotting, the game calculates damage at end of spell cast and not when the damage is delivered, which can cause this and be quite confusing. While this can be annoying you can also use it to your advantage, as snapshotting in this fashion also applies to DoT's and HoT's. This allows you to mitigate long bleeds with short mit's like Sheltron or boost long duration HoT's when applied during a confession window, etc. It doesn't help that this knowledge isn't very noticeable and not really pointed out in many tutorials, even ones on youtube. Nice to actually see it pointed out and how weird it is.

  17. I just wanted watch some ff gameplay thats as landed here but really funny as U say what games inspired from wow : black desert & runescape ( which an very old java game … ) & I played wow since beginning I know the style& mechanics since vanilla – till almost todays just without HW paused times ago 🙂

  18. Wait, you start the game by killing gods? Isn't that how you end most other Final Fantasy games?

  19. Reply
    Maily - Jaz Langeweile May 9, 2023 at 5:22 pm

    "returning home" thanks alot for the great video. will always be at home in ff14 even after month of taking a break from it.

  20. Ugh the worst thing is when your guy gets a call on the link pearl and is nodding to answer every question like the person on the other end can fukn see him… I mean XD wtf

    I love the game but that parts just insane XD

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