FFXI Empyrean+3 Set Review *BONUS CONTENT * 7 Jobs This Time ~ BLU COR PUP DNC SCH GEO RUN reviews

October 25, 2022

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0:00 Intro
0:40 BLU
5:11 COR
12:13 PUP
17:20 DNC
24:40 SCH
30:08 GEO
36:52 RUN

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  1. Ty for the video and effort. Altho body gives no "recast" as you say (BLU). Its a great precast piece, after you cap FC. You need +3 for head and body to beat cohort r15 midcast tho. Glad to see empy get back in the equip sets.
    Thanks for the videos.

  2. I have so much empy +3 to make now. So I'll be doing sortie for a long time.

  3. 5/5 empy+3 for BLU is not really a lazy midcast nuke set, it's the best set period 🙂

  4. Good videos man, It's always weird hearing someone say a word on ffxi that relates to the game, when in our own head we all think it sounds a different way.

  5. As I saw Empy+2 I was kinda sure +3 will hardly replace any of my slots. It is sexy where you already used Empy+1. Punto 🥲

  6. You are so right on pup gears lol. Automaton need some haste and more double attack.

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