Fade with only 1 Guard?!? Blur Guard .5 to 1.5 Review 2022

February 28, 2023

So apparently this guard will allow us to go from a .5 to a 1.5 guard. Basically eliminating the need for multiple guards. In this video we are going to test it out and see how it really works. Do think it will do what it says it does???

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  1. Mine fit my all my clippers

  2. Cheeks. I’ll pass & stick with my Wahl premium’s. Appreciate you for always reviewing new products.

  3. Thanks for what you do but I’m good on the blur guard!🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. This the Andis Phat blade alternative

  5. It works better on certain textures than others. Only tolerable on my seniors with a fade blade, rattles way too much on everything else

  6. For the price, the company should of at least made them double magnetic instead the usual clip

  7. We would like to see more haircuts with that Blur guard with different types of hair & texture to see if it truly works.

  8. The same happens with my MB guards. The teeth go everywhere. At least the half and the 1 guard

  9. I have two Mythics with a JRL taper blade. Mythic1 w/click lever-use it with the blur guard BUT when I can hear the clipper is starting to bite the guard, I pull back a lil bit so it doesn't bite/rattle. Mythic 2 w/stretch bracket and no click lever I just fade my open lever to closed lever panel

  10. I am two minutes into the video but if what they’re saying is what I am understanding .. than this is basically an Andis number one guard made for wahl type blade

  11. Hopefully the guard last l9ng enough to feel like it was worth the purchase

  12. I got it and like it. I think its just a copy of the phat master blade from andis. Works and cuts down cutting time

  13. Let the teeth grind the plastic away. Not what you want from a $20 single guard.

  14. Heard ab this technique do you think it works for all hair types or better for certain types of hair

  15. noti gang

  16. I agree with it would be nice to have it be right from jump. The suggestion for the blade chip away, I'm not feeling it. Thank you for always doing different things

  17. Lesssss goooo

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