Europe’s BEST BUSINESS CLASS Is Back! Turkish Airlines 787-9 & A321neo Review reviews

June 1, 2022

TURKISH AIRLINES IS BACK! Enjoy this A321neo and 787-9 Business Class review — Free credit card quiz ⬇️
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Airline: Turkish Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A321neo and Boeing 787-9
Aircraft registration: TC-LSC & TC-LLC
Flight date: April 12, 2021
Route: Gothenburg – Istanbul – Tashkent
Flight numbers: TK1798 & TK370
Seat: 5A & 8K
Contact for general questions and business inquiries:


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  1. Turkish is such a bad airline. As a BC passenger I really need to say that this airline is really sh**t.

  2. Does the new business class on the 787 have a leg rest that comes up when the seat reclines, or is it just the footwell/Ottoman where you can put up your feet?

  3. Great! Nice to see they have nice pasta. Their Callcenter on the other hand is utter trash and they never pick up any phonecall. They don't reply to emails, and their "24/7" social media help replies once every 4 hours with a message that is all but helpful.

  4. Ofcourse hereby your good sex is defined,which airlines you choose and as capitalist means profit,some airlines do fails in this competition

  5. hum.. that's so strange. I've been on turkish and I really don't like it. Surely one of the worse company i've flight with. And the food is just.. bad. Maybe since you eat only veggies you shouldnt do big statements on food like you tried everything. Don't know man.. your judgment sounds so wierd. Still wish you best luck obviously in your trips and all the rest. Best regards!

    PS: those pasta didn't look like a grandma italian pasta at all. (i'm Italian)

  6. yeah landvetter is so busy 🤪

  7. wow i loved Turkish airlines 😝❤ greetings from Argentina!

  8. Wahou magnifique voyage, repas délicieux 😋
    Quelle chance 👍😉

  9. mousaka is greek

  10. istanbul is beatiful i loved ayia sofia church

  11. i agree turkish arlines are rly good even economy

  12. göteborg LOL bor din mamma eller pappa där?

  13. I LOVE the turkish air lounge in Istanbul

  14. I flew Turkish Business from Chicago to Istanbul in Feb. Faultless service! Amaaazing and seemingly endless food!! Could not recommend enough 👌🏾👌🏾

  15. the part when he said "i tryed to opena window for fresh air" got me LOL

  16. About the temp issue

    Bro you may even see people wanting to increase the temp if you were sitting in economy lol

  17. Love your channel!

  18. Love that you are in Gothenburg… I used to work for SKF and visited Gothenburg at least once a year! Brings back great memories!

  19. love it

  20. I've recently discovered your channel and I'm finding myself binge watching your videos because I miss flying so much. Being someone who designs aircraft for a living, I really enjoy seeing people who love them as much as I do. Keep up the good work and happy flying! 😊

  21. How do you travel so so much huh

  22. All the best airlines, most luxurious, seem to be from Islamic countries.

  23. Turkey is not a European country.

  24. Businesses class on this air line is poor lost bags hot meals split on me requiring medical attention I'm Thailand the air crew were not concerned about my burns . don't fly with this airline . I fly around the the world regularly this was the worst business class flight worse than Cubana

  25. Reply
    Nadia and her children June 1, 2022 at 11:00 am


  26. Reply
    Theodoros Anastasoudis June 1, 2022 at 11:00 am

    Dan I think you mixed up a bit the origin of Mousaka. It’s Greek actually.

  27. you tuber negotiates huge deal with airlines to save every Swede money on every rapid Covid or pcr test whatever. Or is it Dan gets a sponsor? Yes I was right “Nonstopdan10” don’t quote me on the code lmao.

    Yes your extremely lucky to have followers enjoy your content enough to sign up for your credit cards and any other refferal links. Sorry I won’t be sign up as your not honest enough on that portion of your channel. When you say you paid I’d rather you leave that out or points out because either way WE paid…. And sadly a supporter like me as I am 99.9 percent of the time. Not lucky enough to get first class so affordable nor as luxurious. A first class 4 hour trip for me is
    More like $5000 plus.

  28. After experiencing Finnair's A350 business class I'd be underwhelmed with these seats

  29. Thank you.

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