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February 3, 2024
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  2. it was a lot to digest in just a movie maybe they should have gone with a series.

  3. I also fell asleep half way through the movie 😂

  4. i liked this movie. the one that i drank a high caffeine pop for (pepsi max) and still couldn't stay awake for was pirates of the carribean at world's end

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    @yannickbourassa2554 February 3, 2024 at 12:36 am

    This fucks is annoying as hell.
    Maybe use the pitch meeting guy instead?

  6. The movie was levels of awful only achieved my early 90s video game movies.

  7. I honestly love the movie so much, and it’s one of the best Marvel films. It got great action scenes, and the word building and the finale scene were amazing.

    Yes the middle part is kinda slow, but it goes back into the action in no time and you can say this to every movie

  8. Screen Rant trying its best get view with big eyes. Is it just me or big eyes indicates pitch meeting?

  9. It wasnt that bad. Better than Captain Marvel and Endgame. Endgame was a real snortfest

  10. We have patient

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    @Blind_Sexy_and_Taken February 3, 2024 at 12:36 am

    I hate how the media are trying to tell people that the only reason why people don’t like the movie is because there is a female Director. That is basically just insulting the audience because they decided to not like a movie and at the same time telling the public that their opinion does not matter because it’s not what they want people to feel. I guarantee hardly anybody even knew that a female was directing the movie or even cared. The majority of the time I never know who is directing a movie and I have never cared. Who is directing a movie has never been any kind of deciding factor on if I’m going to see a movie or not. The plot or the stars of the movie absolutely. Never the Director. So this narrative needs to stop.

  12. i seriously enjoyed the movie and can't seem to agree with the"hate" that's going around the movie…not a memorable movie ..but hey…it's still a magnificent eye pleaser and imp to the MCU

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    @moresnacksplease526 February 3, 2024 at 12:36 am

    Would hallucinogens make it better, or like that Black Mirror episode where Jon Hamm is stuck in a Christmas house for eternity?

  14. please us the big eye thing on the snap thing for Ryans movie reviews only, it gets confusing please. Let him have it, its why we are all here. thanks SR.

  15. Its like they tried to Dc a Marvel movie.

  16. 10/10: very good much wow the best character Karun very funny and very kind hearted big threat much wow blade cameo very nice

  17. I havent seen the movie yet and if this will make me sleepy, I guess its same as Dune, slow and boring. I almost fell asleep watching that but the story was good. Eternals should have a good story since they are on a different level and its okay if it is slow and boring, Im used to these kind of films.

  18. There are plenty of people who have never understood any movie, any plot, any dialogue. (Add to this the cultural acceptability of 'I'd rather look at my phone.')
    These people are completely baffled by the concept of enjoying or not enjoying a movie. A move is just lights and sounds right?
    People work on a movie, so it there must be something to it, right? I sit for an hour while the lights and sounds flicker and flash, then I say: "that was good. I liked it."
    Then I get on the internet and insist that my POV is correct and that other people are confused.

  19. This would be awesome as a longer vid

  20. Review reads should have the blue cloth

  21. Stop clickbaiting with pitch meeting-like pictures. You will never be Ryan

  22. Rating of 6 (seriously)..deserved lower…movie was destroying problem came and normal humans didn't reacted….every character was just one line character….ikaris got 2 line character…first no chemistry but i guess make them in relationship…🥱🥱🥱..ooh so ikaris believes in following rules(thanks to tell me,if he didn't have said it i wouldn't have known….and then suddenly he agrees to help)…why they want to save earth(why never saved any other planets before)…ooh ajak dies…m i suppose to feel bad(but you guys didn't gave any connection)…action was good but no buildup just put in after certain minutes

  23. Stealing imagery most commonly associated with our most popular video poster is TIGHT!

  24. Bad directing, bad writing, bad casting, horribly long, boring and very WOKE 3/10
    God, I miss the days of Wesley Snipes and the BLADE trilogy when superhero movies were cool.

  25. I did the same thing with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. I drank a Rockstar energy drink while watching the movie. I still ended up sleeping through at least half of the movie. Maybe more since I don't remember how the main characters left that multi dimensional desert city place and I've never bothered to rewatch the movie. I remember waking up and thinking, "Hey that sounds like Rihanna?" before going back to sleep. I finally woke up again just to see Clive Owen's character getting caught at the end of the movie.

  26. I had espresso before and during and still nodded off. And I never fall asleep during movies

  27. I acknowledge I'm movie trash and will like anything, but I don't understand the low scores. I enjoyed this movie a lot. Definitely more than some other MCU movies. I know it's personal taste, but that's exactly why I don't trust critics

  28. I actually loved Eternals

  29. I am done with Marvel.

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