EPIC FAIL! The Rings Of Power Showrunners Quietly FIRED?! Amazon Is NOT HAPPY 2022

October 28, 2022

EPIC FAIL! The Rings Of Power Showrunners Quietly FIRED?! Amazon Is NOT HAPPY

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  1. there's no way to EVER rewriite this mess…
    end it right there Jeff – just stop
    it's another DEAD IP thanks to your "writers"
    end of the story

  2. A fraction of the money could have been spent on a proper final full season for The Expanse. But, that wouldn't generate news like Rings of Power.

  3. Cool move Amazon. Too bad that throughout this whole thing they've shown their colors. It's all business folks. They still don't give a fuck about quality content first. This garbage got past so many people and they either didn't realize how stupid it was, or they didn't care because they knew mindless consumers would gobble it up. Either way… WTF???? It took an actual failure for them to do something.
    "The Fans are evil!!!!"
    Few weeks later
    "The Fans were right!"

  4. There are hour long behind the scenes for The Lord of The Rings on YouTube and when you watch them one thing comes to mind… How could the whole 1st season be filmed without them noticing that something was super wrong??? Did they just film each scene and moved on to the next? Did they not view the dailies, did they not see the mounting shit that was being put to film before them?

    I still cannot comprehend that this series cost 1 billion to make. Say what you will about Jackson's interpretation of the LoTR trilogy, but the 17 oscars and 400+ awards speak for themselves in this context I think… From Jackson's cinematography, directing, scouting of real landscapes to the costumes, real cities they built just for a few shots and the acting of everyone involved (even the orcs, I mean the orcs are epic, especially when you watch them behind the scenes, they are NZ treasures tbh) isn't even in the same galaxy as The Ring of Power…

  5. Bezos handed a blank check to gender studies nerds and this is what you get. Worlds richest man faced point blank with the old adage: go woke, go broke.

  6. Bad Robot is the entitiy that needs to go. As long as that company is involved, Rings of Power is lost.

  7. When you hire for inclusion instead of merit. This is the result.

  8. If I'm sitting on a pile of money to make a film with, it'd be smarter to soak it in gasoline and burn it than to listen to what JJ Abrams thinks I should do with it.

  9. Galadriel should have gone down on Sauron in the finale

  10. Not surprised but would fire their boss first, for allowing this to go so far off the rails.

  11. Good riddance.

  12. Also who are they going to get for Galadriel because if it’s the same lass, no one will watch either

  13. They should do a reboot.. i mean this show was dead from the start. Get in new people, start over. If you can blow several hundred million on the rights you can spend a bit to remake the show.

  14. When will y’all learn. This always happens and nothing changes. Season 2 will be trash too.

  15. I might resubscribe to Prime someday if they apologize to the fans directly and did something to make it right, like putting Tom Shippey in charge. Anything done sneaky-like isn't good enough.

  16. I liked the Rings of Power. Of course it is not the maestry of Peter Jackson, and they changed Tolkien s Silmarillion, however it rewakend many great wmotion and memories in me. I liked it.

  17. lol they shouldn't be doing this quietly, they should be shouting it from the rooftoops

  18. I don't understand why you would make a show based on a book you don't have the rights to. I don't know why they didn't have the rights to The Silmarillion but to make a show set in the time period covered by that book and have to make it all up is insane.

  19. Why not Jennifer Salke? She literally cancelled a Conan the Barbarian series by the House of the Dragon showrunners in order to do Wheel of Time and Rings of Power. As well as producing shit, she also handed a massive gift to HBO, their major rivals!

  20. "The Fear of Failure Drives the Hunger for Success"…Bullocks!! Maybe for some people…"Striving to be the Best Drives the Hunger for Success"" for others…but I'm sure there are others POVs with this one.

  21. I don't understand how this show could've failed. Sure the writing was shit, sure the acting was so so, sure the showrunners hated the fans, BUT IT HAD DIVERSITY EQUITY AND INCLUSION!!! The first black elf, the first black dwarf, and I'm pretty sure we'd have the first LGBTQ elven relations eventually! Why didn't people realize that at least this show was sending the right message, that Rings of Power is a place of acceptance and tolerance, except for white racists and cis bigots.

  22. Reply
    Christopher Bartlett October 28, 2022 at 1:41 pm

    I am evidently the heretic here; I didn't hate it the way y'all seem to. I am also aware of the error factor in trusting rumors as fact. I'm not happy with some of the choices, but I found things to like that I would be sorry to see wiped out in a series retool. I'm also a card-carrying SJW who has no problems with what many of those who bang on about the wokeness of the series, so there you are.

  23. WHY fire them?
    They did their job; they made a piece of garbage that hides the EMBEZZLEMENT of hundreds of millions!
    Damn, hasn't anyone seen "The Producers" by Mel Brooks?
    Classic scheme, and so obvious when you see the cheap effects & even the wardrobe, and how they deliberately followed the most disastrous business model that exists today.

  24. I noticed you stopped the hell raser narration books? I really enjoyed those narrations!

  25. At this point, it's a lost cause. They've already made it into a woke propaganda series, and that's all people will see it as forever now.

    Even if season 2 is "better", the damage is done. Now I wanna know where all that money is because clearly, Amazon should be paying the audience to put up with their nonsense.

  26. to little to late. restart and admit your mistakes or fail again

  27. Reply
    John Dillert1duple% October 28, 2022 at 1:41 pm

    Do they miss Peter Jackson yet?

  28. It will take years for Hollywood to recover, if at all. The talent is simply not there. Even "good" movies suck nowadays! My theory as to the cause? COVID took out untold numbers of creatives who were in their 50s, 60s and 70s – the very people who were supposed to pass the torch and mentor young film professionals. If Covid didn't get them, being out of work prompted them into early retirement. Now you just have a gaggle of inexperienced creatives at the helm, who are stearing the industry right over a waterfall. The Covid disruption won't be fully realized until someone does a SWOT and industry analysis off Hollywood and it's environs. So sit back folks and don't expect too much to come out of that well for the next generation.

  29. Great information that I had long suspected…

  30. Chris Gore and film threat are awesome. Lol🎉

  31. What’s surprising is that it didn’t happen sooner.

  32. Just give Payne and McKay Lord of the Rings coloring books and crayons and have them sit and be quiet in a corner of the writers room.

  33. I respectfully disagree! Not sure if you allow dissenting opinions. But I think the show is great… and it serves no good purpose to share wild rumors! Matters of taste are not worth arguing about! Reviews are useless tirades by unhappy people, who are mostly frustrated artists! – BPG

  34. It's too late to save this turd.


  36. They didn't fire the woman who produced it and ran everything the same woman who hired her twin to star in it and they didn't fire the two show runners the put them on hold so this is meaningless. Have people noticed that when it comes to female writers or female producers when they self insert themselves into a project they have to be the star of the project like RoP and daughter of Starfire etc as where a male writer when they self insert it's in a cameo or a Easter egg type role it doesn't influence or change the entire project

  37. Reply
    Air and Space '46 and Beyond October 28, 2022 at 1:41 pm

    Anyone with any connections to JJ Abrams or Bad Robot should be fired, in my opinion.

  38. For 250 mil Amazon should have bought the rights to pre written Tolkien stories instead of footnotes.
    To do original stories for fantasy worlds like got, dune, Tolkien, malazan is just insanity. It would take writers of immense talent, not even got was able to pull it off after 5 seasons of experience.

  39. My friend tried to argue that rings of power was good and asked what he like about it and it took about 5 minutes to come up with some stupid like “I like how the hobbits hide”

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