November 25, 2022

A Day in the Life of an Administrative Assistant in Atlanta | 9-5 Work Week in My Life | Administrative Assistant in Atlanta | Full Time Office Job | 9-5 Work Vlog | Full Time 9-5
#ADayInTheLife #AdministrativeAssistant #WorkVlog

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BUSINESS & PR INQUIRIES: hannaholivia1993@gmail.com

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  1. May I suggest reading 📖 Sugar Busters??? It’s a good read!

  2. Love to hear that your loving it working from home! I’ve told friends I’ve been wanting to look for something remotely and they talk down on the idea. Im not a (work) people person either 😂 love my friends and family but having to force your expressions at work be a full time job 😅

  3. I've been working home for almost 4 years and I love it…

  4. Working from home is the bomb diggity! I was typing up a comment asking where you got that hair but I see you have the link to it posted. It's so cute on you. Unfortunately it's sold out. Damnit!!! Thanks for sharing the vid!!!

  5. I have been working from home since 2020 and I LOVE it and have no intention on going back to the office…not never, lol. And I thought I was the only trend rebel. It will take me a long time if ever to even consider it especially if I just dont see the relevance.

  6. Great vlog as always 👍🏾👏🏾🤗

  7. I work completely from home, I just have to go into the office twice a month lol . I love it

  8. I work for the feds and I’ve been working from home for 10 years! I have no idea how people work in an office! I’m working on how to retire early going back into an office is neva gunna happen again!

  9. I love these positive inspiring videos! And I love the positive comments. This is not only like a safe space but a positive space. This is lovely! Get it Hannah!

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    Capri Spilling the Tea Lifestyle Tips November 25, 2022 at 8:10 am

    Hey 👋 Hannah 💜 I don't work from home 🏡 but I work when ever I want cause I'm a contractor Vendor. And I love 💕 it ❤️ People do talk to me 🤣 but all I have to say is I'm just a vendor and they go away. I love 💕 it. 🎧 headphones in ear 👂 and straight vibes 🎶

  11. OMG. Totally agree. I had a flip phone for the longest time and refused to get a smartphone. And yes, people in small doses. Can’t deal with the irrelevant drama that does nothing for my mind or growth. Take care my dear Hannah ❤

  12. I'm so happy for you that your job is going well & you're loving working from home! As long as I have an office desk job it's the life I want now lol at the point I'd lose money commuting back…they tried to talk to me about going back downtown(~40min each way) after almost 3 years of remote work🙃and I was like nope nope nope I will just flat out take another wfh job before I do that again. No reason we shouldn't be doing this if we're just sitting at a desk all day anyway! I'm not a people person either LOL at least not as far as office drama/gossip goes. I don't miss it!

  13. Queen queen ❤

  14. I am a caregiver and looking for a new job , I would loveeee to work from home but can’t find any jobs here in VA

  15. YOU'RE DOING VLOGMAS!!! Ahhhhh I'm so excited. Please visit the neighbourhood lights, with Charlie again (I know you're moving) but It was so cute 🎄❤

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    Livin’ La Vida Coco November 25, 2022 at 8:10 am

    IPIC is a must!! Luxury/premium movie experience. Better than studio movie grill.

  17. I am like a kid in a candy shop every time I see a new vlog up from Hannah 😍

  18. Hey Hannah, on the subject of smoke Turkey for greens. I always get my smoke turkey meat from Wayfield/Foodtown. They have cajun style smoke meat (7.49). I found out that these stores are in different neighborhoods. Just Google for a location near you. Every since i moved here that is the only place I purchase smoke meat. Have a wonderful Holiday and congratulations on WFH nothing like it. Be blessed.

  19. Miss, why do you show confidential work stuff on your computer screens on Youtube?

  20. I love working from home for the same reasons. I figured out early on that I can only take people that aren’t my peoples in small doses.

    P.S. Loved Black Panther. The energy in the theatre was great and such emotional performances.

  21. Love your nails 😍

  22. So freaking excited for u…can't wait to see ur new spot! Ur freaking glowing 🍯… definitely in ur best life rn. So inspiring…love ur channel sweet ❤️…keep going…and plz DNT stop recording the journey…I love watching ur channel while at work

  23. Hey Hannah❤I’ve been looking for you miss your videos 🎉😊

  24. Hannah!!!! Where you been girl😩

  25. Hey Hannah thank you for another great video 🙂

  26. It's such a blessing to have the option to WFH. I'm in academic publishing and the nature of my work doesn't require me to be in office on a regular basis but, as of now, I'm in office three days, and remote two days. I look forward to the day when I can WFH all week with the occasional exception for special meetings. I'm way more at ease WFH. I don't have to worry about summoning the energy it takes to get ready in the morning then commute (doesn't help that my driving anxiety flares up now and then), and I'm able to ease into the day. The peace and quiet of my home is also unmatched; I don't have to be concerned about co-workers intruding on my time and space. There are times when it's harder to get moving, but they eventually pass and the job gets done. Your WFH space is cosy. Can only imagine how you'll design it in your new apartment. Congrats again, Hannah!

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    April Michelle Strickland November 25, 2022 at 8:10 am

    Omg Hannah you have a new car, new job and new place!!! Congratulations 🎉

  28. I work from home and have since 2019. Never going back!

  29. so happy for you to ear you living your best life 🤍

  30. IPic is great! Love their theaters but we don’t have cinebistro in Los Angeles so I can’t say which is better.

  31. Girl I’ve been WFH since March 2020 and will not take a job that doesn’t involve any remote/telework lol I don’t like seeing ppl and love being in my own space. I think it’s heavy because you went through a lot of changes so you gotta settle down a little more than usual. Great video, glad you dropped it because I was like where is Hannah!

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