Emirates Business Class Review: Perth to Frankfurt, A380 & Boeing 777 2022

January 9, 2023

Here is our flight review of our trip from Perth to Frankfurt flying Business Class with Emirates. All in all was a fantastic flight except for the Dubai lounge experience which was not so great this time. The last time we flew to Europe was with Qatar, so how does Emirates stack up against the world class leading Business experience of Qatar?

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January 2023


00:00 Intro
00:17 Leaving Kalgoorlie
00:50 Perth
01:12 Limo Service
01:25 Perth Business Lounge
01:47 1st Leg Details
02:25 Seats and interior
02:47 Amenities Kit
03:19 Middle Partition
03:33 Entertainment System
03:52 Menu and Food
04:19 Skybar
04:30 Fully Flat beds
04:45 Breakfast
04:52 Deplaning Dubai Airport
05:09 1st Leg Rating
06:10 Dubai Business Lounge
06:59 2nd Leg Details
07:36 Interior
07:58 Food
08:15 Fully Flat Beds
08:24 External Cameras
08:51 2nd Leg Rating
09:49 Conclusion

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  1. I always fly first class on emirates it’s awesome 👏 i would love to go back to WA and see some more places

  2. Wow wow wow good brother TNX GOOD business ok thanks good Family First good okay

  3. Excellent trip report, really informative overview of a long journey from Kalgoorlie all the way over to Germany!

  4. Good jee

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