EHang Logistics: Headquarters and Base in Xi'an | Business Review reviews

October 28, 2022
  1. Today will go to the hell again.

  2. Google CNBC regulator ipo China. The article says that VIE structure (as Ehang has) is fine for China as long as national security is not in danger

  3. Didi is considering going private again. Should be good news for overall sentiment.

  4. Is it your own voice or robot?

  5. seems like CAm and Highschool dropout is not making EH videos for now. Since your is always the latest and best, please keep them coming. We need to spread the good EH word. I like you have held EH shares since last year. EH is the largest of my holdings, followed by TSLA and BABA. Baba Ive held since its IPO, 2014. I watched BABA go from $100 to below $50 in 7 months. But I held as I believed in BABA. The same for TSLA and EH. THE CCP wants EH to succeed and will support EH.

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