EHang AAV Emergency Medical Services: Business Review | in High Demand like Firefighting 2022

October 29, 2022
  1. Would love to know how you get the average man on a standard stretcher in that cabin, not to mention a doctor or paramedic and life support systems too?

  2. Stick still down no matter what

  3. I still wonder if it’s in the interest of ehang employees themselves to keep the stock price down due to stock options. No single pre order of 216F, but CFO says 85% of revenue in Q3 and Q4? So many good news but marketcap is similar as it was without audited results? That’s bullshit in my opinion.

  4. Thanks for another great video! You are right – saving lives should come first before making money. And fortunately for us, a great cause will always come with great fortune. I wish that all countries live in harmony so we can share great technology like that with each other. Can you do another video on WIMI? and who's been using it (its customers and how will it be relevant in the future, etc..)? WIMI reports great earnings this week but because it's still relatively unknown (hence its fraud allegation still follows it). WIMI also needs to improve its IR website – very little info.

  5. EH JOBY uavs TAKOF long.

  6. The ambulance version of the EH216 shown at the beginning is actually a completely new version that has not been announced officially:
    The canopy opens from the front and it holds a complete stretcher to carry an injured person.

  7. I am long term investor of EH.But, it takes long time to start commercial business. Dont expect that stock price go up soon.

  8. Good, i love your channel

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