Drake Vulture | INCREDIBLE Solo Salvage Ship | Star Citizen Ship Review | Alpha 3.18 reviews

December 23, 2022

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The newest ship from Drake Interplanetary is the Drake Vulture and with it brings the brand new salvage profession in alpha 3.18. This ship allows you to engage with the full salvage gameplay loop, completely solo. Should you buy the Drake Vulture? Livid breaks down everything you need to know about the Drake Vulture.

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  2. Nice video Livid! Hope we see more videos featuring you!

  3. Good video. Even though I am already very familiar with the ship and its functions, I enjoyed the format. Well done.

  4. There are two VTOL thrusters in the rear as well. Notice they only activate in VTOL mode.

  5. Cool EVE ship there….

  6. Love this ship, and I'm not even a salvage player…

  7. Awesome video, Livid! Good job

  8. great video!

  9. 12 SCU plus 5 SCU down the side off the cargo grid = 12 SCU per run. But yes its a solo salvage but one which a spare player sorting the boxes out plus another in a cargo ship makes it much smoother.

  10. I've heard that they are going to be adding in proper atmosphere flight models. I wonder how you are going to be able to salvage on planet when that comes in.

  11. We can just use backpack to change tools 😛

  12. Please do one a mining tutorial too!

  13. That is pretty good rip from Eve online Venture.

  14. Thats a venture

  15. 😮 that’s a really cool ship

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