DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! iPad 10 vs iPad 9 2022

November 16, 2022

Should you buy the iPad 10 or the much less expensive iPad 9? Can the iPad 9 compete with the newer iPad 10? I have been looking forward to this comparison ever since the iPad 10 was announced, because I think the iPad 9 is a great entry-level iPad and I wanted to see if the 10 would just take things to the next level. There’s a lot to talk about, there’s a new design, new display, new colors, and new camera and speakers, but there are also some things missing from the iPad 10, and some choices that don’t really seem to make sense.

I’ve used both iPads for gaming, browsing the web, watching video, social media, and for the basic office-type work I do for managing Tech Gear Talk – so how do they compare and which one is the better choice?

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  1. ⭐ Buy the iPad 10: (affiliate)

    ⭐ Buy the iPad 9: (affiliate)


    What's up everyone?! I hope this comparison of the iPad 10 and the iPad 9 was helpful. Did I cover what you wanted to know? What else did you want to see or learn about?

  2. What happens to your camera gear contents…I used to enjoy your specs and comparisons ever since u did on canon SL2 and I don’t get any notifications any longer. Are u doing ok? What happens??

  3. Any good product except apple pencil?
    It's too expensive

  4. That's the perfect iPad for me the 10th gen. Keep in mind not all the people change their devices year to year. The last iPad I bought was an iPad Air 2 in 2014. And I'm still writing this comment on it, because my main purpose of it's existence was watching YouTube and Netflix. Sometimes some web browsing and professionally I used it for Teams calls and also for apps for live sound mixing consoles like A&H dLive or SQ. I did not need anything else, and I would continue to use it if the battery would not become unreliable. My brother bought an iPad Air with the M2 chip and I loved it but could not justify the price on such low usage and since I know I won't use the Apple Pencil at all the 10th gen is perfect for my upgrade as it looks the same as the Air (which I love the look over the 9th gen by ba huge mile) and the camera in the middle is a big deal for me for the Teams meetings as I will look more naturally. So yeah I do get it in the year by year comparison it's a weird device, but for me it just ticks every single thing for a lower price than the Air. Keep in mind I used the 2014 till now with no issues for my usage so even if I get 6 years out of the 10th gen that's ok for me. So IMO there is a market for this product. I know I will enjoy it! Peace!

  5. A better deal is the air 4 as low as $300 in used market, access to all pro smart accessories and magnetic Apple Pencil laminated display. The only sucky thing is the battery as it rates a few hours lower than the other iPads for some reason.

  6. Good luck with your channel !❤

    I just found out about your channel from this video and your videos so great and I liked how you react with the weird thing that Apple did in new ipad😂 you didn’t ignore the weird things that they did and just try to complement the new iPad. That’s great I think, and thank you for your honesty 🫰🏼

  7. Are you great king

  8. One of the best tech channels out here!
    I found your videos around late spring when i was hesitating between the Air 4 and the 9th gen Ipad. I am a university student and was on a budget when it came to decision so i went with the 9th gen. I was thinking that maybe i should wait for the 10th gen to get released, but after seeing this comparison i would probably end up with the same decision. To be honest i am super satisfied with it so far, it's basically more than enough for everything i am using it.
    Keep up the good work man!

  9. In store audio speaker testing gave surprising results and clearly shows the iPad 9 is louder with cleaner sound than the iPad 10.

  10. Just like the iphone 14 pro/pro max, apple tv 4k 2022, all products released by apple this year are a failure. Buyer beware.

  11. Ipad 9 is the way to go

  12. Just get a good second hand pro (or Air 4)

  13. I’ve the iPad 5th Gen but i find the apps are starting to run a lot slower and the battery has taken a huge hit, it can drop extremely quickly with use. Even swiping to another screen or scrolling on safari can cause the iPad to almost lag… just wondering whether to go for the 9th Gen which is €360 or go for something more powerful? I only use it for netflix / youtube / safari and correcting school work.

  14. I’m a medical student I’m planning to buy a MacBook . Is it good to buy a M1 MacBook Air or M2 MacBook Air or macbook pro version for my studies ? And also is it worth to wait till 2023 for a better price drop ? Can you please suggest me it will help me a lot

  15. this ipad 10 is a joke. I mean no 2nd gen apple pencil and you need to buy an adapter separately to pair and charge your apple pencil

  16. I do not understand why nobody mentions that this new folio cover does not protect a single inch of the ipad from the side. For 250 $

  17. Excellent comparison as usual. I wouldn’t get either and would get a 2nd hand or refurbished 2018 model iPad Pro as the a12x is in some ways better than a14 even

  18. Do you think I should buy the M1 iPad Pro for my iPad because it could last for 10+ years possibly?

  19. the 10th gen is not for us only who dont care the cable lighning usb charger and first gen apple pencil they onky care about the screen and the design and nothing else

  20. IPad gen 9 still worted?

  21. Apple really drop the ball with the 10th gen ipad.

  22. I love those wallpapers

  23. I have looked over quite a few video reviews, and yours is the only one that provided enough info for me to finally make my decision. I ordered my iPad 9 today!

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