Doctor's Sports Medicine News Review, Ep 2 | Isaiah Thomas, Alex Morgan, Shohei Ohtani, and More! 2022

September 2, 2023

Isaiah Thomas, Alex Morgan, Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout, Drew Brees, FIFA, NY Giants vs the NFL, Feleipe Franks and more round out this week’s episode of your weekly sports medicine news!
If you’re a fan of the NFL, MLB, NBA, or any other sport and want to lean more about sports injuries and sports medicine, this show is for you!

1:12 Mike Trout surgery update
2:46 Shohei Ohtani bi-partite patella injury
4:23 Alex Morgan patella stress fracture
6:06 FIFA and new concussion testing
7:16 NY Giants Sterling Shepard missed concussion
9:11 Ben Roethlisberger and Drew Brees updates
10:02 Sam Darnold mono update
11:21 Feleipe Franks and Trevor Siemian ankle dislocations
12:21 Isaiah Thomas thumb RCL surgery
13:30 Xrays


Concussion Changes in FIFA (The Athletic)

-Francesco Di Caprio, Renato Meringolo, Marwan Shehab Eddine, Lorenzo Ponziani,
Morton’s interdigital neuroma of the foot: A literature review, Foot and Ankle Surgery,
Volume 24, Issue 2, 2018,, Pages 92-98,
-Matic GT, Flanigan DC. Return to activity among athletes with symptomatic bipartite patella: A systematic review, Knee 2015;22:280-285.

DISCLAIMER: Content not intended to be taken as medical advice. Opinions are my own and do not represent those of my employer. I have not personally treated or evaluated the individual(s) discussed in this video. Content used with educational and transformative intent within Fair Use Guidelines
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  1. What other big stories happened this past week?

  2. Brian Sutterer MD: J.J. Watt from the Cardinals is going to have shoulder surgery next week. It's reported he tore his labrum, bicep, and rotator cuff in addition to dislocating his shoulder. Can you please tell me how long can we expect him to be out, and is it possible for him to play again this season if the Cardinals make it deep into the playoffs? Thanks.

  3. Is the getting into sports medicine is competitive for IMG?

  4. Awesome video Brian. Have you done a video on cupping? Just wondering your thoughts on that.

  5. Thanks for covering Alex Morgan!! <3

  6. I just found your channel and I love it!

  7. Go Gators at least we have trask😞

  8. SOMEONE GET THIS MAN HIS OWN SHOW ALREADY! You're fucking official bro

  9. Thank you for listening to the comments!Love the video keep up the great work.

  10. Great format: the list on left side; words/visuals that appear in negative space; headline on bottom of screen. It all works. This should be a weekly segment on FS1. Thanks for your work.

  11. Love these videos

  12. Tyson fury cut was nasty, wanted to see about it too

  13. haha, I got a chuckle about the xrays showing ligaments.. I also crack up when someone sprains their knee and they talk about the Xrays they ened. Im sure they do xrays too but usually for sprains they are gonna do an MRI or an Ultrasound . Ive had a bunch of xrays of my face taken for various reasons, recently due to implants needing to be put in.. you can only see bones/teeth in xrays.. that is it.. no tendons, blood vessels, or ligaments.

  14. Call it the weekly cut down!

  15. Lighting is not why i watch these videos, do what you do amigo

  16. An article with Calvin Johnson recently came out talking about marijuana as an alternative pain relief, this sort of video would be perfect for a short discussion about these athletes relieve their pain

  17. Lol. The xray bit was funny

  18. Hey Brian can you do a video on how Denver WR Emanuel Sanders came back so fast from his Achilles tear in less than 8 months??? And how medicine has advanced so far for him to do that and what it could mean for Kevin Durant???

  19. Met IT target like two weeks ago that mans looks 5’6

  20. This is great!! Love the creativity and the KNOWLEDGE!!!

  21. Excellent man!! One of my favorite YT channels… keep growing!

  22. The Professionally Articulated Injury News Treatise. The P.A.I.N. Treatise

  23. Love these rundown videos! I like that you still touch on things like Brees and Siemian very briefly, but point back to your in depth videos. Always love the great detail you go into for individual cases, but this is a great way to keep up with the week!

  24. Thanks, Doc. Always learn a lot from your vid's.

  25. I love how much this channel has grown I still remember the first video that got me into this channel the markelle fultz video I subbed around 5k-10k subs keep doing what you do.

  26. I can see this man having his own 30 minute show on espn

  27. Great work, man! This is an amazing channel. I always appreciate it when a video drops!

  28. Love the content! Another suggestion could be make the column with the timestamp a bit bigger than the longest timestamp so the first letter of the titles line up

  29. Another quality video Doc, I'm watching this while eating breakfast it's my morning news.

  30. Hey, was wondering if you could make a video about Anthony Rizzo's ankle sprain and how he managed to be back on the field after only 3 days?

  31. Love this serie!!!!

  32. Do Antonio Brown brain injury.

  33. The weekly tweaks, pulls, and strains.

  34. You can call it injury insider

  35. Best sports doctor on YouTube

  36. I just want to say thank you for making these videos. Working and studying for 12 hours every day is hard and watching ur videos is a great escape. Thank you for the entertainment and education. Keep doing what ur doing I love the new edit and lighting by the way.

  37. thank you for covering alex morgan’s injury! orlando’s season is for sure done, no way they can make the playoffs so it makes sense that they would take this time to get her healthy.

  38. You could have something simple like “Injuries of the Week” or “Weekly Injuries”
    Maybe “Injury Week” like shark week

  39. Love the new lighting set up, really helps with visibility. Gets rid of the shadows from the first one👍

  40. How do you have time to practice as an MD and kill it on YouTube? Thanks for the great videos.

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