Do You Trust The Franchisor? With Eric Stites of Franchise Business Review (2022) reviews

September 18, 2022

Eric Stites, CEO and Managing Director of Franchise Business Review, in an interview with Patrick Findaro.

Do you trust the franchisor? Franchising can be a great way to own your own business, but it’s important to trust the franchisor you’re working with. In this video, Eric and Patrick discuss what to look for when choosing a franchise and how to build a trusting relationship with your franchisor. Watch now to learn more!

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00:00 Introduction
00:30 How did you get into the franchise space?
04:49 Helping Candidates
05:37 What were some of the findings on the operational side, that franchisees were upset with that the franchisor could address?
12:11 Hours worked and earnings
13:38 Semi absentee opportunity
14:36 How does your process work?
16:05 What are some of the most important metrics you are collecting? And then, benchmarking for franchisors
18:50 How do you make sure that they participate in the survey?
21:00 Any advice for that co-founder looking to really grow their franchise system in a sustainable way?
25:18 What is important for someone who wants to buy a franchise?
32:28 Conclusion

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  1. I do not think that it's proper advice to advise others willing and ready that it will be a grind and you will take a loss initially when you first go into business that has been debunked several generations ago to no avail people still use the same information as advice of instructions of what their opinion may be of their family beliefs

    Ray's residential started back in 1999 residential home framing took off running as I touched the ground

  2. Where do I start if I'm looking g for a franchise lawyer? My royalties are to double on the next agreement and we just won't be able to afford it.

  3. Awesome Interview! Thanks for sharing!

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