Do you feel lonely or isolated too? NEWS REVIEW 2022

May 31, 2022

In this episode, we talk about an article from our favorite website, “Soranews24”. This one talks about a survey that found that many Japanese youth were feeling more lonely and isolated during these past years.

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  1. It's so informative of Adam's advice. And surprised to know that he would be lonely sometimes.
    As he is lonely from time to time, I think l'll allow myself feel that way too. English lesson happened to be my therapy session😁 thanks for making great episodes!

  2. As for me, I just keep being busy in order not to feel isolated/lonely. For example, going to work, studying IT kind of program, and taking care of my little pet, a Reeve's turtle!

  3. I don’t feel lonely as long as my lovely cat is always with me 🥰

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