Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: DEI Training’s Unintended Consequences reviews

March 22, 2023

All big companies now require “DEI” training for employees, but studies say that often BACKFIRES.

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One study looked at 800 companies, and found that after companies did trainings, they actually came to have FEWER black managers.

How is that possible? Erec Smith, a former DEI trainer, now a Professor of Rhetoric at York College, tells me: “It seems to be making people less likely to interact with people who are unlike them … because it’s like a minefield now.”

He explains that the trainings can make people so afraid of saying something wrong, that people just avoid each other.

“If you ask somebody what they do for a living, somehow that’s racist, right? If you learn that, then why would you take a chance?”

That’s the just the tip of the iceberg, regarding DEI’s problems.

You can watch the video above for more strange ideas that come from it, like “try to be less white” and the idea that some kids don’t need to learn standard English.

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  1. It's weird how most Americans fought for getting rid of racism and now it is the proponents of "inclusion" who helping it make a come back. What's next? A separate seats for white people in buses like they had in the 1950s?

  2. White men created the modern world. Denying it wont change it. Its time for Daddy to take the keys back.

  3. "Sounds responsible" is how we have already lost.

  4. Ted Cruz pointed out memo that the State Department will not hire you if you are white, male and Christian. This is Biden’s inclusion ?.

  5. 3:18 they should have stopped listening to this education expert the second he said “languaging”

  6. (((Mother))) alert! There is nothing more Covenantal than beards, buttondowns and books. He must call everyone else not "gaijin" but "GOYJIN".

  7. DEI a new way of spelling Dumb. The fact that this is a 3+ billion industry shows that there are a lot of dumb people out there and a massive self serving industry quite happy to take their money. Unfortunately too much of that money comes from the tax payer.

  8. Anyone who is against it should push back against it and with passion. There's fewer of them than us. They just make more noise

  9. Man, I love the anti-racists so much.

    "You can't hold black kids to standards! They're too dumb for that, only the white kids can handle something like that, you racist!"

  10. I imagine this amusing scenario in which a DEI teacher tells a black kid that he has to learn how to speak Chinese or Spanish because “English, the language that you speak, is actually racist.”

    What would happen to blacks in states like CA if all the white people left? “Oh good, my non English speaking Asian and Latino brothers will help us break out of poverty”? They’ll be foreigners in their own country.

  11. So when are White people going to unify and stop White genocide?

  12. Students struggling with standardized English make a strong case for skills training. College should not be the goal for the majority of HS students. We should be equipping these kids with career skills, but instead we're funneling them into college where they have no choice but to major in watered down degrees.

  13. All of this woke, DEI stuff is going to make social criminals of us all.

  14. Isn't it racist to teach everyone that Black people can't learn the same things as other races?

  15. The only solution for overcoming racism is colorblindness. I used to not see people as different race until I was reminded over and over again that they are different by those who claim to be victims of racism.

  16. All it's done is make me angry and ready to verbally or physically throw down with these psycho nuts.

  17. This person is mentally ill.

  18. Bold of Stossel to assume it's an unintended consequence.

  19. It has and does make things worse in many ways…and/or fake. Sad. Makes u wonder if they're doing it on purpose…one side or group…to keep the division/the hatred burning

  20. See what happens when you give words too much power???

  21. Reply
    LordPaul Cezarbutwyper March 22, 2023 at 9:29 am

    if all you see is racism then you're a fk n racist. I never think about it until i hear a racist.

  22. No we need to rise up against this just like we’re doing with the drag shows they’re doing for kids. We need to reject this mess. And what’s crazy is that as an organization we can’t even get funding because we don’t have a DEI plan.

  23. We were told at work that winking at someone was sexual harassment and that if you get the new person to do the less favorable jobs …because they are new and need to learn …then you are discriminating and not being inclusive enough….absolute garbage !! Just because you go to school for something doesn't make you good at it , that takes experience!

  24. So that moron guy is saying that a standardised language is bad for minorities? Does he want white people to learn bastardised English to communicate with minorities now? They don't know what they want, they try to make everything white surpremacist, being on time , speaking standard English, good manners, etc. What they do in reality is painting these minorities subhuman who can't behave, can't learn a language, have no morals. All these DEI training doing is making white people pity the poor black victims whom can't do anything that white people can, or just simply stop white people talking to minorities. BOTH results are bad for minorities. SO WHO ARE THE RACISTS HERE AND DO DAMAGE TO MINORITIES? Think about it

  25. DEI makes me want to leave this filthy planet and never come back.

  26. Removing standards promotes mediocrity AT BEST. Not only will that be reflected in grade school and college performance, it will — and this is the really scary part — it WILL carry over into these students' future jobs. Imagine your company's accountant not meeting traditional graduation standards because those standards are "racist." Quite frankly, your company will be f***ed. How about general contractors, electricians, lawyers, teachers (too late), lawmakers? If learning English is "racist," how the hell are we going to have coherent bills presented to lawmakers? America is quickly dying and it's liberals who are holding the bloody knife over it.

  27. We are going off the deep end forcing everything to be 'equal'. This is like going to China and shaming everyone for being Asian, see how that plays out.

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