Discovery Driven Growth Harvard Business Review Video HD 2022

June 19, 2022

Check out this “blast from the past” video which introduced Discovery Driven Planning to the world back in the 90’s (oh the haircut…). We used the example of Euro Disney to show how planning as though you knew what you were doing can be very dangerous, even for a business that supposedly one knows well. Later in the video, we use the real example of Ed Thompson and his company Pharmaceutical Research Services to help plan how he might enter an entirely new line of business (which he subsequently did and which became very successful!). Have a look and maybe a laugh!

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  1. Dear prof Rita, I run a small lab dedicated to Innovation, product design and development and technology entrepreneurship in a Mexican University. Your work is a fundamental part of our curricula as is the foundation of what we see now on Lean Startup and Validating Business Ideas.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to have an open online MasterClass for our students, professors and extended community to hear the Discovery-Driven planning concept directly from you.

  2. Great concept! Could you throw a bit more light on what milestones are? I understood the reverse income statement but couldn't really get the part after that.

  3. Excellent concept. Very simple and but very powerful. Helped me to understand real picture of my startup and helped me to plan.Unfortunately I came to know pretty late in the game.

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