Dell XPS 15 review (2022): Still the best 15-inch Windows notebook reviews

October 19, 2022

Intel’s 12th-gen CPUs and NVIDIA’s RTX 3050 Ti bring the XPS 15 to new heights

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  1. I swear if they move to that dumb no-trackpad visible design I will never buy from them again, paid more for the 15 due to that ridiculous 13 design in my opinion.

  2. Yeah totally disagree with the price being “modest”. I picked one of these up with the 3050 (non ti) with the standard lcd screen for $1350. We will see how it goes.

    But I’m sorry the 14” MacBook pros were just $1599 or may still be. The price of the laptop in this video is outrageous. No 120hz, the battery life falls short to the Mac, the speakers are worse, the Oled can’t match the macs brightness with mini leds plus a close enough contest ratio to match the oled, and even at msrp the 14” is cheaper. You get more everything with the Mac. The mode shown here is simply a don’t buy at all. Maybe at $1499 for the top model but still.

    My only rational for buying one is because if you want to play somewhat demanding games, you need windows with a GPU. That is the only reason at all you should consider this laptop. Or if the price actually matches its hierarchy to the competition.

    It’s a beautiful laptop but the price and features need to be improved.

  3. There is no "floating in the air" about these or any other brand screens. Need to find something else to describe it as.

  4. I was a xps, but after windows kept giving updates it constantly crashed

    So move to macpro. I will missed my xps but until they are good or better than macbook pro ill comeback to them.

  5. What happened to the artic white version

  6. going through second dell xps 15 it had 7th gen cpus , first lasted about 4 years until my kid spilled water on it and it died. bought the 11th gen one few months ago. There is huge improvement to speakers, screen, aesthetics of device , but thermals got much worse (its possible this laptop performs worse than my old one due to constant throttling), computer has razor sharp corners which is very uncomfortable to rest your arms on, it gets scratched and damaged so easily , so i feel like build material is not as durable. also touchpad is quite buggy. 12th gen one is little better with thermals due to cpu architecture i assume. Dell can really make this a flawless laptop if they put a vapor chamber cooler and a proper webcam in this but they do nonsense stuff to save bucks

  7. Never buying another Dell laptop ever again. My xps13 has wifi issues (drops out randomly). It's the only device I own that does this so no it's not my network. Micro SD card slot failed. No it's not a software issue, the hardware itself has to be replaced. Fingerprint reader works when it wants to. Speakers are absolutely horrible and have considerable pop/crack at anything above 70. I do have an older model but many of these issues shouldn't be present. Dells QC is horrendous and the longevity is nothing compared to MacBooks.

  8. Awesome review. Thanks for the video 🙂

  9. Under 1000$, Windows PC is the best. Above 1500$, why would you buy a trash windows PC filled with bloatware and poor build compared to Mac?

  10. I have a Dell XPS 15 9570 and the day the warrantee expired, it blue screened. It blue screens between 6-10 times a day and has got to the point it is unusable. It’s completely useless. It even starts up by itself and is red-hot by the time I pull it out of it’s case. The XPS is a serious fire and explosion hazard.

    Dell computers should not be permitted on flights due to the known volatility of Lithium batteries and their propensity for self starting inside there cases. Dell laptops are potential bombs and should never be permitted to board an aircraft.

    Dell doesn’t care! They’ll sell you any dangerous lemon you want.

  11. Very nice review. I just purchased an XPS 15.

  12. A higher refresh-rate + a RTX 3060 and this laptop would 11/10 for sure.

  13. hell yea halo
    thats all i have to say 2:29

  14. I got my xps 15 9500 palmrest replaced to fix the touchpad issues, and the motherboard replaced to fix the terrible WiFi issues. Both issues still remain. I'm now thinking of selling it and getting an inspiron 16 plus 9720…. more powerful with an rtx 3060 60w for much less money.

  15. Reply
    Alexandre Cassimiro Andreani October 19, 2022 at 10:25 am

    is the screen good to outside use?

  16. the black material will be sticky after a few years of light use, which is utterly stupid, I will never buy dell again (the case is broken before the machine broke, wtf)

  17. Hi, nice video!

    I am interested in this configuration for the 9520 model: i7 12700h, 3050Ti, 16gb RAM, 1TB SSD, FHD+ (1920×1200) display.

    Does this incorporate a 6 cell battery (86 Wh)?

    I am trying to understand whether the i7 12700H ALWAYS comes with a 6 cell battery or not. Surprisingly, on the Dell Italy website there is the 3 cell battery with that configuration, but in any other country it is a 6 cell. So it might be a mistake on the Italian website. As there is no customer/sales support in that country, I would like to be sure before making the purchase.

    Thank you!

  18. anyone else using the XPS 15 they bought in 2013? beast-mode I tell you

  19. I have 9510 with 32 Gb RAM and 1Tb SSD and OLED. Happy with this laptop. DELL making best laptops.

  20. We've recently purchased two XPS 15's (2022) – and we love it!!! Gave my old XPS 13 to my niece – and she feels like a superstar!!! My other half gave hers to her nephew. There's nothing wrong with either of the XPS 13's, we just wanted to treat ourselves to a new laptop!

    As for the posts re: poor support, I can only assume that they refer to US support.

    Over the last 15 years, we've always bought Dell laptops, and have never had a problem with then, or with their support in the UK.

  21. XPS laptop is a bad product. I bought one in January cost me $ 2,300. The audio did not work. After several calls with support and all the tests that they run they confirmed that the audio was not working. I wanted to return it but they refuse. I had to send the laptop back for them to repair it. (Brand new laptop and I had to send it for repairs). The ac adapter did not work trying to buy it also took long and I am going to get it 10 days. Not buying a Dell Laptop or accessories again.They asked for your full social security number if you do not remember your dell card number. I do not know who came with that policy why they need your full social security number to place an order. Scary business

  22. good variety of ports lol, my 2018 xps laughs at this

  23. Why did you choose the XPS line to review for a work laptop? The Precision line is aimed at professionals. Are you going to review those?

  24. 144hz is a must on a 2000$ machine… once u go 144hz u just cant go back to 60hz. 144hz is not only for gaming, it just make browsing and using windows so much smooter

  25. XPS15 just has too many problems, which makes it feel like an unfinished product. It just became too annoying. Overheating, multiple problems with drivers which are characteristic to Dell, poor Wi-Fi reception, slow card reader, bad light bleed on a 4k screen. Tried it, disappointed, never again.

  26. Where did you get that Sega Dreamcast t-shirt from?

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