Delegating Work By Harvard Business Review: 20 Minute Manager series: Animated Summary reviews

May 29, 2022

Today’s big idea comes from Harvard Business Review and their 20-Minute Manager series. The series is designed to get you up to speed on crucial business skills in a jiffy! This video will focus on Delegating Work.

When you delegate, you transfer the responsibility for performing a task, completing a project, or executing a function to another person. You still retain authority, control, and accountability, but the person to whom you delegate does the actual work. Delegating well is managing well, not relinquishing authority, but leading.

#1 Why delegate.
Do you find your responsibilities and workload overwhelming? Are you spending too much of your day completing tasks below your level of skill and authority? If you answer yes to one or both of the above, now is the time to refining your delegation skills.

See, you can’t add more hours to your day, but by improving your ability (and willingness) to delegate, you can reduce your workload, and in turn, free up time to develop your leadership skills and improve your organizational productivity. Further to this, delegating improves your coaching skills and can boost your job satisfaction.

#2 Preparation.
Before delegating an assignment, you’ll need to prepare. Start by:
– Determine what work to hand off and what to keep.
– Decide if you will only delegate a few tasks or an entire project.
– And specify the skills required to complete it successfully.

You also need to articulate: Goals, Expected outcomes, and Measures of Success.

#3 Picking the right person.
The Next step is to identify the best person for the assignment.

Start by reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of your contenders. Look for candidates who are qualified and willing to grow. Someone who is ready to take on new tasks and can make informed decisions.

#4 Handing over.
For your delegation to be successful, you must thoroughly describe the job and your expectations of the person taking on the work. Remember that people are more motivated when they understand the reasons for doing something and recognize the importance of their work, so make sure this is covered as well.

#5 Monitoring the task.
Once you’ve delegated the work, shift into monitoring mode to ensure that everything goes as planned. You’ll want to check how the work is progressing, provide support as needed, and anticipate and address any problems without micromanaging.

In the video we explore each fundamental in greater detail. We hope you will enjoy it! If you do, please remember to give it ‘a like’ and to share it with your network and on your social media.

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