De Gea, Griezmann, Perišić | Manchester United Transfer News Review! 2022

November 15, 2022

What’s the latest on David De Gea, Antoine Griezmann, Ivan Perišić, Andrea Belotti, Romelu Lukaku and more? Time for the MANCHESTER UNITED TRANSFER NEWS REVIEW! Will any of these rumours happen this window? Comment below to have your say!

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  1. hello guys, all of us keep on talking about
    Lindelof being our centre back and what if Jose Mourinho brought him in to be our defensive midfielder(number 6)??

  2. 90min website said Gareth bale has made an unwritten agreement to join 😂😂

  3. I am a Man.U.supporter and I feel we got big mouths we talk a lot and watch others make good signings…. We are losing players because of jose no one wants him in his face and I don't blame them… it… he is a hindrance in the transfer market against us with that attitude despite all those names no one signed yet

  4. Mate next season a Matic Herrera Pogba midfield three.

  5. if we get a wi lnger we should get Balde Keita, or gelson martins over perisc. Ive seen both play they are beast.

  6. lel.. Bet Fabinho, Guimenez, Rose, Lukaku. and perhaps Perisico.

  7. I'd love if Franck Kessie joined United, clearly he wants to join the club after admitting they're his favourite team since he was young and he seems like a baller

  8. Michael Keane?!?! What?! Fuck that, I remember that he left because he was shit. Definitely don't want him back.

  9. honeslty ManUtd just need LB. That LB need good at both attacking and defending, then Mkhi or Martial or Rasford if playing in left position no need worry about how to defence and can help them when they start to attacking

  10. Andrea Belotti is overrated. Too fat for EPL

  11. Clearly what we lack is goals and the final ball, so players like Griezmann and Bale are the most important – we need among the best in the world in those positions. After that need someone in the middle like Nainggolan/Gueye, but I like Nainggolan's style – he is an animal like Vidal. Another CB would be good as well.

    If we can't get Bale then Perisic is a more than able replacement as he is physically strong and technically good. Nainggolan, Griezmann and Van Dijk/Keane/Lindelof as well as Chicharito coming back, then we will get right back to the United of old. Get Borthwick-Jackson, Tuanzebe and Fosu-Mensah more into first team action next year as well.

    4-3-3/4-2-3-1 with Pogba playing in a free role out on the left

    De Gea

    Valencia-Bailly-Smalling/Van Dijk-Shaw




  12. Jose did not let lukaku go, lukaku asked to leave chelsea because of personal reasons

  13. Belotti or Mbappe paired up with Griezmann upfront, maybe 3 upfront with Rashford. Force to be reckoned with. If bale rumours are true, we need a winger (won't happen this summer though). Don't know who perisic is but seems good, we need someone who can cross the ball on other wing too. Keane or Lindelof at back. Forget Van Dijk, overrated. Aubameyang, overrated.

  14. Why sign players like Perisic/Rodriguez or Perisic ?
    What about players like Gabriel Barbosa, Luan Vieira, Douglas Costa, Leandrinho, Mariano Diaz, Javier Orozco,Thiago Maia, Bakayoko, Coman, Nelson Semedo, Jose Gimenez.

  15. I really want griezmann to join united, but some fans r hyping it too much, if he lifts the united shirt or it is confirmed by the club official, then I would believe he is joining. This is the exact treatment pedro got and look where he is. 😶

  16. Bad transfers.

  17. please please fuck my ass do anything but don't sign persic and belotti we need a goalscoring machine like ronaldo or griezmann or mpappe and a new defender like savic or varane

  18. I recall Bruce and Pallister giving their positive opinion on Cantona before we purchased. What would our central defenders opinion be of Lukaku? If I recall Blind had him in his pocket in 15-16 can't remember what happened this season.

  19. Hi Mark. Lmao!

  20. I must admit Steve I think you're wrong with your comments on Kane about the Ballon d'Or. I think he is absolutely quality. Different level. Yeah he may never win one, but I think he will certainly compete for one at some point over the next few years. Maybe finish 2nd or 3rd if he doesn't win it. I'd have him over Lukaku personally.

  21. Hahahha, giving out golden stars to get people to do your own work for you xD

  22. Worked it out. Shoudnt go on stats, but they back up performances here: England need centrebacks. United need centrebacks. The best centrebacks this season, from the stats of Blocks Interceptions + Tackles: Curtis Davies (relegated), Calum Chambers (relegated), Harry Maguire (relegated) + Ben Mee (not relegated). I want Ben Mee or Harry Maguire. 8 of the best 10 CBs are English. The PL – thus England – are gonna lose 3 of our 4 best CBs if United/other PL club dont sign them. Relegated = cheaper. Best = best. English = English. Its a no-brainer. Sign Maguire and Mee (or even Davies/Chambers), sort out the defence, save money, add English players, and develop them for Englands national team. Its not just blatantly obvious, its unbelievably stupid not to. From both a Red and an English standpoint. When Norwich went down, they had one of the best attacking midfields in the country – we couldve got them at a bargain, they didnt sign them. Hull are going down with 2 of the best CBs in the country – natives – and Middlesborough with 1, and theyre not signing them. This stuff is Incredible. AND THEN PEOPLE WONDER WHY ENGLAND IS SHIT. Support our natives, defend our goal, Maguire, Mee, Davies and Chambers are the answer. Or do you want to see England and United relying on Chris Smalling again? Seeing Daly Blind in place of a top England defender like Ben Mee or Harry Maguire…I cant support this horseshit. The performances meet the stats, they meet the bargains, and they meet the English development, all at the same 4 points: Maguire (24), Mee (27), Davies (32), Chambers (22). If its racist to recommend anglo-saxon players to represent an anglo-saxon city, start explaining. And on that subject: Harry Kane is better than Romelu Lukaku – but no-ones talking about Him. I guess being English isnt in fashion. Funny that: nor is Winning anything.

  23. is this kevin owens

  24. fake news

  25. Get lukaku griezman James and make a move for sokratis

  26. i think all our attention should be on finding a cb partner for Bailly my two leading contenders would be eithe Vandijk or Lindelof

  27. who worked at KFC?

  28. Lukaku to Manchester United????????????????????????? Like seriously???
    He's a good Centre Forward but he coming to United is like 4/10

  29. Griezman to United 12/10 lol

  30. Stephen Howson is so funny when he is presenting!! Quality Stephan, Keep up the good work!

  31. I don't think man utd could buy both james and crez as they easily would cost 150m or more, but having both of them would be great as they would only need to buy tow or three defenders and they would be both PL amd CL contender.

  32. I honestly rate Perisic. Hard working winger that can score goals. But for 40mil? Plus if he comes then Martial leaves no thanks. I'd be happy to have him but if he's our only attacking signing then I'd be underwhelmed. Rather had Bernardo Silva or James (I know he's not a winger)

  33. U guys are in love with martial. The most overrated player lol

  34. Isnt Douglas Costa better than Ivan Perišić then why club like Manchester United going for Perisic??

  35. 9 goals and 11 assists isn't terrible for a LM with little playing time. Everyone can acknowledge Martial has been poorer this season, but to bin him after a mediocre season is ridiculous. Closest player at this club I've seen in terms of talent, that could reach ronaldo level. Fickle fans.

  36. Just buy an experienced cb. Bailly, rojo, new cb, Tuanzebe, sell one of Smalling or jones (both shit tbh). I hope Michael Carrick signing a contract doesn't stop us buying a CDM that we desperately need, carrick not good enough anymore sadly and needs replacing now.

  37. Martial is our most clutch and composed finisher. Came last year with all the price tag talk, pressure and scrutiny and delivered with 17 goals/11 assists from left wing. If he has received a fraction of the faith Mourinho gives lingard and Rashford he'd have a great season. The truth is Mourinho would love to replace lingard and Rashford with Mbappe and perisic. But he plays them to keep the top reds happy in the stadium because he was under so much scrutiny for being shit in the league.

  38. I'd take perisic if it means I'll never see lingard or Rashford on the wing again.

  39. Martial more goals and assists combined than lingard, Mkhi, rashford. Despite having a poor season. After carrying us everyone wants him gone all of a sudden. Why because he doesn't smile like constantly, the guy is obviously introverted but it doesn't me he doesn't care. This myth he doesn't track back he's been doing it for months. Our fickle fans love their new toys, don't know how are fanbase has become so shit. Rashford is rated because he's from manchester the guy is average, no way near people like Mbappe. If martial wasTony Marshall from Salford the fans would love him, and excuse anything he does wrong.

  40. How about chicharito cause mourinho once said it in an interview

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