Day one Patch REVIEW! Runestones SUCK! Tons of BUGS! Any good news!? 2022

September 8, 2022

Today we go over the latest patch added to Hearthstone that introduced a new premium currency Runestones, began Season 2 of Battlegrounds including the new P2W Rewards track, as well as other items to the shop.

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Zeddy, RegisKillbin, Kripp, Rarran and other hearthstone youtubers all play different hs gamemodes. Duels, Battlegrounds, Standard, Arena and Wild are in the game that can new cards from new expansions to climb and win HS games.
Hearthstone is a card game based on WOW, it is also a digital card game.

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  1. can someone explain why runestones are a thing? I don't get it

  2. "I really like the druid portrait even though you turn into Guff in like 10 seconds so…"

  3. Smiling right now. Hope you people get charged even more for sticking with blizzard so long 🏆🥳

  4. How is this game still alive i mean who tf has the money to play this trash just buy some clothes for your family and some food instead of playing trash

  5. The disconnect bug in BG is just infuriating. I bought the pass and the one thing I really want for my money is to play the damn mode.

  6. i will NEVER buy runestones, id rather quit the game

  7. I have been playing since beta basically… Fell in love… Now I am done… No more love for Hearthstone 😢

  8. BG team wants to make $ for the first time ever. Zeddy: Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

  9. If you test predatory monetization practices by being a whale, you are part of the problem.
    For me, I don't buy anything that I can't buy with gold. So runestones haven't had any effect at all on the game.

  10. Why Runestones? This isn't Runeterra… Should be Hearthstones at the very least even if I hate the business model. You can't even earn them or get some via a reward.

    This has killed any desire to play (I recently stopped for a break). I checked it out and I legit closed the game down.

    I'm not doing this.

  11. Can't belive you still play the game lol…

  12. Finally deleted HS. no value added just money grabbing.

    See ya blizz

  13. Imagine playing blizzard games in the current year when they show that they’re a terrible company

  14. ZEDDY: Runestones suck!
    ALSO ZEDDY: Buys every runestones bundle day 1

  15. 200 points for a tavern ticket?????

  16. They should make a option to buy more than one pack per time when you use gold to buy them.
    Everytime a new expansion appears, I need to destroy my mouse's left button to buy packs. It s only a QoL change. However, you can select the amount of moooney and packs you want on the shop. Screw ftp players! We don't care about your struggles

  17. It's weirdly converted in the UK too. Cheapest option is 500 runestones. Getting 2 500 instead of 1000 saves about a dollar, and getting 16 of those actually saves you about $7 over buying the 8000 bundle. Madness

  18. Yeah this is dumb… And I logged into the BG for the first time in a few weeks and got 2 bad options. Game started and half the players had already quit out of the match.

  19. Anyone else’s tavern pass Xp boost not applying to quests anymore??

  20. Unistalled game after first buff patch and info about runestones and Bgs, hope a lot of people will do the same and show our outrage. Stay strong Zeddy, personally I think you should be careful about everything that’s going on and not focus 100% on HS because it looks like those people are trying to kill this game over time

  21. Don't you think it's mighty coincidental that Runeterra uses system this but at cheaper costs and this is called RUNEstones?

  22. Hiw did they screw that up? Every game that does this makes the bigger bundles a "deal" to try and get people to buy it.

    As if I bought this season's Tavern Ticket for nothing.
    Also, F runestones.

  24. For those with the "Its just one currency to obfuscate money spent, no big deal, ITS NOT THAT BAD" prepare to be slowly boiled like a frog.

  25. Yep, it was the right decision for me to buy the Blackrock Mountain Solo Adventure on the day before Runestones went live.

  26. 4:35 the only thing that I hate the most is having Bob EVERY FUCKING TIME AFTER I WIN OR LOSE BATTLEGROUNDS TO "GET BETTER BY BUYING SHIT" BOB WOULD NEVER DO THAT, YOU FU- I'm sorry I won't do it again.

  27. You said that the Battlegrounds pass was the FIRST case of pay to win for Hearthstone. Utter NONSENSE. Since the game launched, if you haven't bought the preorders each expansion you have been LOSING. Hearthstone has ALWAYS be PAY to play and PAY to win. As recent expansions increases the power spikes this has become even more the case.

  28. Bugs and runestones, mmmmm.

  29. I playd this game soon after it's release, it had kept me busy for a big amount of time. But now i slowly see the end coming, and i hoped it didnt.
    I don't say i will stop playing now, because i can still circumvent the monetization with gold for packs ( for cards ) , and for duels.
    But will it stop there? would be nice to go back, i hope steam doesn't learn things from blizzard…….

  30. This battle pass shit is for the birds. I’m not playing until they stop that shit.

  31. Activision is squeezing as much money as possible before they sell the company to Microsoft, expect more predatory tactics to be implemented into the game soon.

  32. Gifting makes no sense at all to me they are losing money to people that would gift them

  33. More like ruinstones, amirite???

  34. I feel like Blizzard just grabbed a shotgun and decided to blow it's own feet off. If everyone just buys only the smallest runestone bundle multiple times it's a transaction fee for each purchase. In some counties it's even a discount to do that. You can buy the pre-orders with runestones as well that's 26 transaction fees. If mobile users start doing it as well I'm sure Google and Apple won't be to happy with blizzard as well

  35. Glad I uninstalled and don’t think I’ll ever install it back.

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