David Dobrik’s MESSY pizza business… 2022

November 22, 2022
  1. That pizza looks disgusting

  2. Can’t wait for Casey’s documentary about David to come out

  3. People are so embarrassing

  4. This is the whitest shit 😂 camp out to support some rich white guy? Who almost killed his friend? 🥱 pathetic.

  5. Y'all literally don't even know who is behind the business side of the restaurant. It's Ilya, and he already has multiple successful businesses aside from also having friends with literal business majors on his team. They ain't playing with money. They studied the market, and came up with this.

  6. What was written on the wall

  7. thats the place from gta

  8. For anyone wondering what the 'r' word was.. it was "R@pist"

  9. 1:57 I’m not gonna refer to David Dobrik as David ever again, I’m gonna call him “Derek” lmao keep this man irrelevant!

  10. 1:57 I’m not gonna refer to David Dobrik as David ever again, I’m gonna call him “Derek” lmao

  11. david 🤝🏻 problems

  12. wanna start a business? become famous first

  13. I'd love to know what the employees are getting paid…

  14. Was…was that Chillz that got the first slice of pizza?

  15. Not the first time David and his friends have tried to cover up rape

  16. Love seeing David haters not being able to do shi about his success except talk shit to cope💀 Makes my day

  17. Well, I am happy that a star will always be a star even after a scandal. I was never his fan but I don't like seeing someone with so much power and influence go down.

  18. What's with the hate lol

  19. I have to say… It’s pretty alarming that you hope his business does well. Somebody literally spray-painted “rapist” on the side of his building but you couldn’t even say the word? Y’all seriously need to get off the Internet. He’s a dangerous man, and you can say the word rape.

  20. I’m shocked he has that many fans…

  21. sorry not sorry but the vandalism thing was so funny

  22. Reply
    100%WholeWheatStingray November 22, 2022 at 11:30 am

    The crowd that showed was not surprising.😑 Sheep desperate for attention from their shepherd.

  23. I feel bad for the workers. They must be super exhausted.

  24. Just for pizza wtf, make it at home or go to authentic italian restaurant like fr…or just get it from pizza places

  25. I think I'm old…what's the R word?

  26. david didn’t even rape anyone he had others rape for his content. they should’ve said pimp sluuut

  27. So many idiots there… 🤦🏾‍♀️ That's a cult

  28. really wanna know what Lizza thinks of all this

  29. Humans are so dumb, we really are screwed

  30. Imagine waiting days for that pizza, in about a year that place is gonna be dead and you could walk up eat one and say meh

  31. that pizza looks like shit

  32. Girl just get a little ceasers pizza and keep it moving bb

  33. Wow, talk about a waste of time. Of all people, they want to support Dobrik. Lol. Ridiculous that people still support him after all the shit he’s done.

  34. What was the r word that was put on the building?

  35. DAVID DOBRIK FACILITATED AND COVERED UP A SĖXUÅL AŚSAUḺT FOR THE SAKE OF PROFIT. The fact that people are willing to support this man is disgusting.

  36. This world has completely lost potential for redemption.

    I'm done

  37. anyone else wondering that the "r" word is 😅

  38. “I cant believe he’s still relevant”
    Yall dont stfu about him😭

  39. As a NYer I know for a fact that pizza isn't worth it and the fact the man still has fans after what he has done means all of those people are garbage.

    I hope they get stomach cramps.

  40. Excuse me what? 7 hours for pizza from that dude what the heck

  41. That pizza better be making people shit gold because I don't see HOW they could stand in that lines for hours for a pizza to support this evil man.

  42. Girl waited 7 hours for a piece of pizza that looks like it was picked up off the floor of a Chuck E. Cheese 💀

  43. Jeff must be so fucking angry now

  44. Hell make it … 3 am pizza i mean come on thats the best part 😎

  45. Ppl wait in line for hours…for a pizza…

  46. I honestly think in my opinion that his business will be gone within a year. So good luck hahaha

  47. "And we fit in perfectly in LA" love the nod at the fact LA has the largest homeless population in the country, yet our elected officials simply don't care.

  48. No pizza shaped like an eye?

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