Darrell Brooks Flips Out When Prosecutor Reveals He's a Sex Offender reviews

October 29, 2022

Darrell Brooks flipped out when the prosecutor revealed that the defendant is a convicted sex offender. “Did you know she said she was 18 when I met her? Did you know that?” Brooks shouted as the court went on recess.

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  1. Bruhh, this clown is an embarrassment to us minorities. They should put him in gen-pop and let our own take care of this scumbag.

  2. Wow that judge moans a lot.

  3. Judge is kinda hot

  4. What a clown good riddance

  5. Did you know you're going to prison? Did you know that? 🤣

  6. Yes sir, we’ll get our facts straight while you rot. Lol

  7. Off with its head !

  8. Did they do an IQ test on him?

  9. That judge is amazing for the restraint she shows.

  10. Arrogance is over 9000

  11. For someone who thinks he deserves respect he sure doesn't give any.

  12. Not much of a fair trial. Only what the state wants to perpetuate. Lies

  13. My position is that this defendant is as nutty as Michael Myers. And we should move to guilty and put him in jail and throw away the key.

  14. What a waste of resources…sucks so much time and energy has to be wasted on people like this.

  15. What’s funny is that, in his mind, I’m sure he thinks he’s killin' it. Every night in his cell, he’s just thinking to himself "Man, I'm slayin' it in that courtroom. Everything they say I’m shooting them down! There’s no chance they’re going to be able to find me guilty, I have a counter to everything!" Lol.

  16. He is so rude and inappropriate.

  17. He really thought Patrice Cullors and the Burn Loot Murderers were going to save him. Think again Mr. Shesaidshewas18

  18. Inahkooret

  19. It’s one thing to represent yourself and at least have some education on how court proceedings work, but it’s never going to go your way if you think a courtroom is a place where you can just talk over prosecutors because you think they’re lying.

  20. Put him back in a the cell, I’m pretty sure they know him now. Those eyebrows will be fixed.

  21. what an absolute degenerat.

  22. Answer the judge or get an unfair sentence for not cooperating. You're in their world.

  23. Second hand embarrassment personified. This dude smh. You reap what you sow in this world…

  24. What a weak, totally unfit judge.

  25. Why does this person need to be in court when obviously he killed some people and also drove through a parade with thousands of people witnessing it. This is how our kids today act. They think they know everything. They blame everyone but themselves and argues without any point. This guy clearly has a cognitive disorder. He needs to be medicated.

  26. Get absolutly FEKT.

  27. I love this judge and her "straight to the point" attitude.

  28. Reply
    DemocratsPartyofsatan October 29, 2022 at 5:36 am

    This is what demonic influence looks like

  29. Why proced with this trial? The defendant clearly knows everything and has declared himself innocent by reason of street cred. He talikn' the trooth!! You best belee 'dat.

  30. He's a nut

  31. 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🙄

  32. Why is this guy still among the living?

  33. Is this a parody?

  34. Dis be hood lawtistics dawg.

  35. “That’s not what she told me”
    Yeah okay. Like that isn’t a new one 💀

  36. Man needs capital punishment

  37. These cases are hard to watch obviously this man has mental defects and it’s pretty much being ignored. Probably should have been in a facility years ago

  38. STreet Ghetto Lawyers do not make good lawyers

  39. How was he not held in contempt of court for this behavior. Seriously.

  40. " The man who represents himself, has a Fool for a lawyer " !

  41. God I hope they give him multiple death penalties. Yes, murderers have gotten multiple death penalties like this filthy punk.

  42. I have never witnessed a more combative, argumentative person in my entire life. This dude is unreal.

  43. I smell a Marxist

  44. all the hypocrits in chat assuming this or that or projecting. just check the ID no matter what. in fact, just stay away from females in general, tha ALL lie. Also, most of you are lying and do illegal things while not being caught and still point the finger. don't worry though, eventually you will be caught. you cant hide from technology.

  45. I'm sorry but the judge seems so Diva like I'm used to the Southern type judges with a stern serious not this judge she seems like a California miss beauty queen pageant I can't even take her seriously. Anyway … the whole crew there can't seem professional. The defendant is veri rude , cocky , & still has the nerve to argue while his found guilty on all counts charges

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