Dallas Cowboys vs. Tennessee Titans | 2022 Week 17 Game Highlights reviews

January 11, 2023

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  1. Dak is trash

  2. The Cowpies got a bit sloppy against a depleted team but took care of their bidness! 🤠

  3. Now I hope to see the cowboys take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in round 1 and get knocked off by Tom Brady and the crew lol

  4. If I was Prescott I would NEVER throw another pass to 89 he was open and still juggling passes to the other team

  5. Dallas.Cowboys are the Man United of American Sports. Everyone who doesn't root for them, hates them but they’re winning again.

    Can America’s Team do anything in the playoffs? Will Cowboys be seeded 2nd in the NFC, so will play 7th seed?

  6. The refs love them some cowboys.

  7. We r EVERYWHERE. Cowboy Fan sure do travel all over. 💙

  8. LMAO can’t wait for these Never Gonna win a Super Bowl Losers choke again not only to Jacksonville, but out of the Playoffs. Even if they make it, they sure as Hell won’t win a Super Bowl let alone make it to one. The Houston Oilers curse forever lives on!😂

  9. Love my boys. Been a Dallas fan for 58 years.

  10. The amount of times the announcer says “meanwhile”

  11. Dak was ballin minus the interceptions lol he’s really improved there’s no question if he’s elite good win boys! Let’s go!!

  12. Davis is faster than Pollard,they can use him in the back sometimes with the three it would throw the defense off big time

  13. 25 wright played terrible. Got toasted by the receivers and even looks hesitant to tackle. 42 Barr also doesn’t look like he’s playing at a high level. Offense giving up multiple turnovers and giving opponents a short field has wore out our defense and they get tired from not resting and having to constantly save the offense ass. Defense needs offense to stop turning over the ball and putting the defense in those positions

  14. We aint crashing left nor right on top of the ppoint is made

  15. When was this video taped

  16. I was at this game! My first Cowboys game it was fun!!!!

  17. Narrator hates football

  18. defense wins championships

  19. Dobbs is the only light

  20. dak pleaseeeee for the playoffs just go to your usual self no more of i hope he catches this

  21. Cancel game? Well it isn't auto racing.

  22. Elliot is do damn slow compared to Davis and pollard 😂

  23. Cowboys 49ers super bowl, I'm calling it right now

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