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April 26, 2023

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Introducing the all-new Dacia Jogger!

If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly family car that comes with absolutely loads of interior space, then look no further than the Jogger!

But what makes it so good? Well for starters, it’s oh-so affordable. Prices start at just over £15,000, and the range-topper only comes in at £17,745! Sure, it may look like an MPV mixed with an estate mixed with an SUV, but at a cost of just over £2,000 per seat, you can’t complain!

What’s more, there’s more than enough room throughout this car – even the third row has more than enough room to fit most people. If you splash out on the range-topper, you’ll also have a cabin up front that comes with some plush, soft-touch materials.

In terms of engines, there’s only one to choose at the moment – a 1-litre turbocharged 3 cylinder that can produce 109hp & 200Nm. It’s not much, but then again performance is probably the least of your worries if you’re in the market for a Jogger.

So what do you think – is this the best value family car around? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:36 Exterior Design
01:37 Interior
03:43 Back Seats
05:19 Boot
07:32 5 Annoying Things
09:06 5 Cool Things
10:23 Engine
11:13 Town Driving
12:25 Motorway Driving
13:13 Country Road Driving
14:01 0-60mph
14:36 Brake Test
15:05 Verdict

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  1. 07:49 The Jogger was given a one-star Euro NCAP score for its lack of electronic safety aids. It doesn’t have lane-keep assistance or seatbelt reminders for the third row of seats, and the auto-braking system detects other vehicles but not pedestrians.

    However, the Jogger did score 70% for the structural protection it offers adult occupants, which is equivalent to a four-star rating.

    So, does this put you off the Jogger or not? Let us know below!

  2. 70% structural protection isn't good enough.

  3. Hopefully this will encourage other car brands to make wagons instead of crossovers! Wagons = more passenger & boot space. Crossovers are just inflated town cars. Also all 1litres are going to struggle. Bring back the 2litres!

  4. Hi Guys, I am from Romania and I was just wondering what family car to buy. I got a ~25-28k euro budget. I think your review is great. We miss here those type of reviews with practical meaning. But for me as a father, what will be very important is to see more luggage, ski stuff, a small bicycle, etc, stuff like this trying to put in a car trunk (boot) but also load/unload capabilities for 5 seats. As a conclusion focusing more on luggage part for a car review in all combinations of seats will be very helpful. Also maybe putting some extra weights (4 persons + luggage) and doing some driving just to see the car drag performance will help also. Thank You!

  5. No space for bagage with 7 people. NEXT!

  6. I have a few in stock

  7. Need more MPV Reviews

  8. Hey that footwell hook is awesome, I have been wanting something like that to hang my garbage bag on my passenger side in every car since forever. What I do currently, including in my Cupra Ateca, is put the drawstrings over the auto transmission lever LOL. SO, good one Dacia!

  9. If they can just improve safety a bit they would be bargain of the century. That said, I saw the tests, and they are still safer than a Volvo from 2005 which got 5 stars back then, so, go figure.

  10. We just got ours. Did we need 7 seats? Nope. We needed 5 seats and a massive space in the back, we have three Saint Bernard's, who needed height and stretch room. So the 6&7 seats came out, dog guard between boot and the back seat and I fashioned a waterproof memory foam panel to cover the undulations in the floor. Perfect. Perfect A to B family car for anyone with two adults, two kids and giant breed dogs to lug about!

  11. That car is so good and cheap, it makes me want to make 5 babies to have a reason to buy it 😂 you can’t miss out the good deals

  12. This guy was talking bad about Dacia, not too long ago….

  13. Great car for the money! Hope it lasts as long as my 7-seater Honda Stream. 180,000 miles and still going strong!

  14. Have a Dacia Lodgy since 2014, my best car from 7 cars since 1978.

  15. Very interesting!

    I think the system you have to test the 0-60mph cost more then the car… 😛

  16. Renault like Dacia is not reliable , too many problems with tce engines

  17. Dacia make cars to comply with the roads that are in Romania and this I can say from experience 🙂

  18. 3 cylinders O dear, what a load of c…p

  19. I have just ordered my first Dacia, a 2023 Sandero, well impressed by this Brand.

  20. My 2017 Logan Stepway has just turned 60k on the clock but it still feels brand new. Can’t recommend Dacia highly enough, they give you what you need not what you want.

  21. nice, but steeringwheel is on the wrong bit.

  22. you should try camping in it mat

  23. I can't afford a new VW Sharan. So I need to know if this Dacia is as safe as a 2019 VW Sharan – the youngest I could afford. Especially in the third row for those passengers. Sounds like there are airbags in third row but they are not brilliant?

  24. I think this requires a 2.0 L dielsel.

  25. DACIA 💪🤘

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