CV REVIEW – How to get your CV right for high profile jobs (resume tips from Ex-McKinsey consultant) 2022

April 23, 2022

Do you ask yourself how to get your CV right for high profile jobs such as management consulting or investment banking? In this video, I review actual CVs of yours that you sent me for this video. Drawing from my experience as former McKinsey consultant, I give you my tips and pointers on how to write a winning CV in 2020. My resume tips will help you to create a strong application for your consulting job, or your investment banking career. I talk about the key CV sections, i.e., work experience, education, extracurriculars, honors and awards as well as other qualifications. I teach you all you need to know how to write a CV in 2020. This is what you need to know to write CV for McKinsey application or another MBB firm. It will also help you to write CV for investment banking. I cover lots of details such as how to include your scholarships, online courses you took, your GMAT score and much more. Learn how to get your CV right with this video.

00:00 Introduction
02:30 General CV tips
05:08 Review CV #1
16:19 Review CV #2
24:47 Review CV #3
31:24 Review CV #4

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  1. Thanks to everyone who submitted a CV. Good news – I prepared a Consulting Interview Preparation Checklist that you can use to prepare for your next interview. You can download it here (yes, for free!):

  2. Its very challenging. My resume is 4 pages long! That comes from having over 20 years of experience. I guess a good strategy would be to minimize the bullets of the earlier work. I will go back and review it again soon. Love your channel. Its amazing the content that you provide to your subscribers.

  3. Reply
    Evangelia-Marilyn Gaitanis April 23, 2022 at 10:57 pm

    Hallo Heinrich,

    can you also check my CV please 😉 cheers

  4. Thanks for the video. Not only did I find it helpful and entertaining, I also got visceral flashbacks to one of my first EMs (who also had a strong German accent) giving me pointed feedback on the formatting and alignment of my slides. Good times 🙂

  5. I heard and have been told by many HR guys to go with Europass CV template. What about the applicant photo? Is it not necessary to also put your photo in your resume?

  6. Hi Heinrich,

    would you mind making a video on how experience consulting professionals should write their resumes for external consulting careers? how many projects should we put in there? work experience highlighting impact while not disclosing any "detailed" information about clients that you've worked with in the past!


  7. Question: Is it a good idea to show my minor entrepreneurial ventures in my CV? My fear is that this will create a repulsive effect instead since there is a higher risk I may leave the firm eventually.

    (I had two entrepreneurial experiences; one during high school and one during bachelor studies

  8. What does “CV” stand for?

  9. Thank you this is very helpful.

  10. Reply
    BayerischerSchweizer April 23, 2022 at 10:57 pm

    great video and tips 🙂

  11. Hi Heinrich can you share a video on how to prepare for the online assessments (Numerical, Reasoning, Inductive etc) for most graduate jobs. Would really appreciate it!

  12. I'm really shocked to know that CV #3 is the perfect template while CV #2 layout is likely to be rejected !
    I can't cope with it

  13. Hi Heinrich,
    I have followed your materials for some time now. This video along with other cover letters and interview prep videos have been really helpful. I am looking to transition to a sustainable energy-based consultancy forum within the Rhine region from an academic environment in the next few months. I would be really grateful if you can look over my CV and cover letter (you can make a new version of this video may be) before I apply. Please let me know and I will send it to you.

  14. Wondering if you have thoughts on how you'd structure a resume for a more experienced candidate differently – meaning someone who has been in the business for several years and is going for an executive level role, and if at that level you agree with keeping it to only 1 page?

  15. I guess they don't use the ATS system in Europe or when you were applying cuz a lot of things you mentioned to leave out should stay for the machines to pass you to the HR

  16. Hey Heinrich. I am currently in high school and started a small business with some friends of mine. Its a leadership thing because I am the „CEO“. I am not really sure where and how I should put this in my CV. The companies revenue was small and it seems a bit ridicilous to say that I am the „CEO“ of a team of 8 students. On the other hand I am very proud of this. Can you help me? Greetings from Switzerland

  17. Great video!
    Should I put university projects and cases where I worked for real companies in my CV?

  18. I am in my second semester of university and did 1 internship in a small consultancy (only 1 month) and I start to work for on of the big fours. I am currently redoing my CV. While I went to school I did multiple jobs. Should I drop them in my CV? My thought was that it shows I always worked as a kid. An answer would be great. Thanks!

  19. Do you think a picture is helpful or should it be left out?

  20. Adding own photo and signature in resume is reccomended practice in Germany, but you have not included those in your own resume and also none of this resumes has it. So should I include photo and signare in Resume while applying to MBB?

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  22. Hi Heinrich! What is your take on including photos in a CV?

  23. Your videos are really helpful!

  24. great video! thank you so much. do you think it would be OK for a one pager (similar to CV #3) to have an application photo in the top right corner if there is some space left? 🙂 (for MBB applications in germany) or would you recommend to rather leave it out?

  25. Hey Heinrich! Superb insights there. I have a small question – is it okay to use the symbols of email (Unicode U+2709) and telephone (Unicode U+260E) or should I just write "Email" and "Phone" as text? What's preferred? Thanks.

  26. Great video Heinrich ! gained a lot of valuable information thanks

  27. A bit off topic but how do I know if it is worth getting an MBA and what are the best options to get an employer to fund it? Can you do a video on that?

  28. Thank you for another excellent effort, video presentation and also CV related guidance! Appreciated you collecting the sample CVs from people and also having gone through some Q&As with them which got touched upon in the video here! Thank you Heinrich! Raza =)

  29. Thank You for your opinion, really helpful.

  30. So do you think that McKinsey advised Purdue to discount CVS too much or too little for every oxycontin overdose? Asking for a friend. Thanks Heinrich !!

  31. Interesting that you said you want the CV to make the reader read every word of every line and be excited about it, and that #3 did that. #3 is the one I want to read the least.

    Maybe this is a cultural difference for the US?

  32. hi H, i notice on the CV, there's no dot (ie '.') sign at each end of the sentences. should we not put dot at the each end?

  33. Hey Heinrich, thanks for this helpful video!
    How would you include a gap year (travelling, volunteering in other countries or learning languages) in the CV? Should you mention what you did during this time or just leave it out completely?

  34. Amazing video. Maybe your best one in terms of value.

  35. Hi Heinrich, thank you for an insightful video. I was wondering about your opinion on photos. They aren’t part of the traditional cv but seem to have become quite popular. Do you believe these have a positive effect or do you come of as unprofessional?

  36. If i send my CV to you, could you review it?

  37. All of your videos are super helpful and I appreciate your sharing of insights and technical skills. They are honesty and generous. I'd like to see a video about experienced hires in MBB and preparation. For example, from a boutique consulting firm to MBB, and/or working professionals from other fields to MBB.

  38. Hello Heinrich, what do you think about the "profile" section? To give details about your motivation or ethics. Regards, Marcos.

  39. I am the chinese student who studied in FFM. As you said, we'd better make the CV in one slide. But because of german logic that we need to write personal experiences in chronological order, and there should be no vacancies in between. then my work-related experience happened many years ago which are quite quantified. So I am thinking if I can delete the work-unrelated experience which but happened recently.
    thank you for reading my long message. und ich danke Ihnen im Voraus.

  40. Question about the layout for the second CV – if you apply for a position in one of the big 4 BUT within their Marketing & eCommerce division, is it better to go the conservative or the creative route with the CV layout? Thank you.

  41. Reply
    Sherkhan Baimakhanov April 23, 2022 at 10:57 pm

    If I fit it on one page, the font size will be too small – 7 or 8. Is that okay?

  42. Always amazing advice every single time, thank you Heinrich!

  43. Hi Heinrich, first of all thank you for this valuable knowledge. However, in the case of experienced professionals, is extracurricular still a major thing to display, or should I better display notable projects that I lead during my career?

  44. Thanks Heinrich for your time sharing these tips. So sad I joined the channel on August and I could not apply for the CV review. Is there any way to get your valuable feedback on my CV in the future?

  45. Great video, Thank you!

  46. Hi Heinrich, what's your take on post MBB resume ? Would you simply : 
    – list your engagements and expect people to know what it is about (e.g. Buyer due diligence – Large IT services company) or 
    – still go into details (e.g. Modelled deal structuration to be accretive year1, identified 400M$ synergies and benchmarked potential alternative acquisition targets)

    Feels lengthy when you have more than 8 cases
    Thanks for the content !

  47. I wonder why so many are obsess with the one page american kind of resume. Its very crowded and the understanding are bad. I like the first CV.

  48. Hi Heinrich, I like writing comprehensive Google reviews of places that I visit. Is it good to mention something like that on a CV? Or would it be a negative point?

  49. Hallo Heinrich, vielen Dank für deine hilfreichen Videos. Da ich mich in Kürze auch für ein Praktikum im consulting bewerben werde, stellt sich mir di Frage, ob mein CV bei einer Bewerbung (McKinsey DE, RB) in Deutsch oder besser in Englisch sein sollte?
    Vielen Dank im Voraus. BG

  50. should i update my cv if i am re-applying to mbb after 1 year?

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