Covid-19: The end for live music? BBC News Review 2022

August 12, 2022

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Learn vocabulary from a news story about the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on live music gigs: A top music boss doesn’t think live music will be back until the end of the year at the very least. Avoiding gatherings is considered a crucial step to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Neil and Catherine discuss this news story and look at the vocabulary being used.

*Please note: We have decided to activate YouTube’s automatic subtitles on this video. The BBC is not responsible for the accuracy of YouTube automatic subtitles.

Key words and phrases:
a situation which contains nothing positive

Experts are warning of a future economic wasteland due to the coronavirus lockdown.
The village I grew up in was a cultural wasteland. I couldn’t wait to move to the city.

go to the wall
fail; be destroyed

Many small businesses will go to the wall because of Covid-19.
Lots of online companies went to the wall when the dot com bubble burst.

destruction; killing of large numbers of something

Coral reefs are facing decimation because of pollution in the oceans.
World travel has been decimated by coronavirus. No one is going on holiday.

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  1. Reply
    BBC Learning English August 12, 2022 at 10:31 pm

    Watch another News Review about music: Apple announced the death of iTunes last year. iTunes was to shut down and Apple Music, Apple podcasts and Apple TV were to launch.

  2. The singers are warning of the future live music "wasteland" due to corona virus and "decimation" world travel; therefore, some of concerts will "go to the wall "because of lack of finance

  3. Reply
    Fida hussain Sarwari August 12, 2022 at 10:31 pm

    Dear Lady you just come out of bathroom please make yourself a litle tidy

  4. Yes its finished …start a paintball club…nothing worth seeing

  5. I feel wasted

  6. a large number of human life is decimating in east Africa due to civil war and ethnic violence. any of the government decisions made so far went to the wall.

  7. Thank u guys! please don't stop. Keep going

  8. thanks a lot

  9. Very useful. Hope you can do lots of video like this one. Thanks

  10. I imagine that she should change the earrings. In the Navy and aeronautics, red is on the left and green on the right. This coment is just for fun.

  11. Thank you

  12. Excellent. It is worthy your effort. Thanks so much for keeping us updated with these expressions.

  13. Reply
    Maria Dolores de Paula August 12, 2022 at 10:31 pm

    The decimal system…

  14. If Catherine wears headphones/earphones there will be no sound bleed from Niel's voice. (sorry if I I've butchered your names guys/)

  15. Katte and Neil you're adorable teachers-journalist! I've been learning a lot of vocabulary about Covid-19 situation.

  16. Hey Neil I think you and Katherine made a perfect and fabulous teaching team . The lesson has been provided made me feel substantially much better understanding! hope you guys keeping going this way. cheer !

  17. rofl, i dont know how u looke till this video

  18. I don't think English for cats is failure program wy didn't Niel complete it

  19. Reply
    Marc W. Chiasson (music production) August 12, 2022 at 10:31 pm

    Get a grip BBC. People will NOT forever stay away from festivals. This "covid19" will not destroy the world. Sadly pandemics have come and gone……but people by the BILLIONS are still HERE…..

  20. Hello to both of you
    in France, we have the same expression: "aller droit dans le mur" , which also means to fail. it comes from racing. When a car is driving very fast, it probably goes into the wall if the race driver loses control of it.
    the lack of gigs is probably the thing that affects me the most during this crazy period. I am used to going to Uk twice a year to listen to bands live . I have heard that the Globe Theater and the Royal Albert Hall are on the brink of collapse. I hope, from the bottom of my heart,, that the goverment can save them . They are two works of Art. They belong to the whole world, in my opinion

  21. Good afternoon, everybody! I've got a question for you: Is this vocabulary exclusive for England or do you also take American English into consideration? I mean, is it possible to use these collocations in the US, too?

  22. Oh Now my favourite phrase ! Go to the wall
    My example Russia goes to the wall ! Believe me, i know what I wrote 🙂 I'm from Russia

  23. thank so much for this channel. that makes learning english more fun.

  24. Could you put english subtitles,please?

  25. 6:13 hahaha I just can't stop laughing!
    "Teenage wasteland" (Baba O'Riley) Is that a song of a man who grew up and now is a man without conflict with his teenage past?

  26. Reply
    Learn English Vocabulary August 12, 2022 at 10:31 pm

    salutations, BBC Learning English. fairly fun video. thank. 🙂

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