Climate change report: rich must pay for poor: BBC News Review 2022

February 15, 2023

A climate change report by the Global Commission on Adaptation has recommended investing $1.7 trillion to adapt and make the world more climate change resilient. Learn the English language the world’s media is using to talk about this story.

The story
A study of how the world can adapt to climate change says the richest countries must invest billions of dollars to safeguard livelihoods, coastal cities, food and water supplies.
The analysis has called for investment in early warning systems for storms and high tides and climate-resilient urban infrastructure.

Key words and phrases
change to fit the situation

• The theory of evolution states that species must adapt to their situation or die.
• It will take me a few months to adapt to the colder weather there, but I’ll be OK.

very seriously

• The recent flu outbreak has left a large number of people gravely ill.
• On hearing the bad news, the diplomats muttered gravely among themselves.

pay off
succeed and bring benefit

• If you study hard now, it will pay off later. You’ll get a good job and have a good life.
• My investment was a bit of a gamble, but it really paid off. Now I’m a millionaire!

Language challenge

Combine two of these to create a verb which means ‘protect something from harm’:

protect guard
safe shield

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    BBC Learning English February 15, 2023 at 7:04 pm

    Like hearing about solutions and attempts to combat climate change? Lingohack has many reports. Learn useful vocabulary and see how people are fighting climate change here:

  2. 🦩 I trained myself to adapt to many conditions.
    🦩 Covid 19 has left a large number of people gravely ill.
    🦩 If you want to pay off in your life, you should work hard on yourself in many fields like education, spiritual, cultural and health.

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    Amazing and useful video, as always. Thanks for sharing!

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  11. The climate change is a soo bad problem that everybody must do in their daily routine, for example : turning off the lights bulb with it is not necesary.

  12. Honestly, I was in grave danger of getting low score in listening test at first. Then, I adapted to listen to BBC podcasts in order to boost my listening skill. At the same time, I realized that Georgia likes to speak gravely to her friend. Today I took an exam test and my hard work paid off.

  13. the covid 19 pandemic cause grave illness to elderly than the other age group. wearing protective suite paid off in curbing transmission and save millions of life even though people were resistant to adapt wearing at the beginning.

  14. It would takes me a few years to adapt with British accent.I do believe it will pay off later.

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