CHUCKY Season 2 Episode 5 Spoiler Review | Breakdown & Easter Eggs reviews

November 4, 2022

Chucky 2022 TV Series Season 2 Episode 5 titled Doll On Doll full reaction and Chucky episode 5 review. while at the same time giving you my episode breakdown on easter eggs from the past horror movies. Chucky TV Series recap will happen weekly on the channel. This is also a Spoiler review so be warned. Chucky TV Series Episode 5 Review. glen doll finally appears along with buff chucky and bald chucky !


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  1. The episode title including stuffed animals to me really just represents how this is truly the ending to everyone’s childhood and starting them on the path to adulthood even going so far as to have glen have what they thought was their entire childhood end and his true beginnings start to come forth. This whole episode and the last episode are an amazing tribute to Seed of Chucky.

  2. Buff Chucky = Bucky?

  3. I think he is good but sometimes his facial expressions sometimes makes me think he is evil, but I do think he is good and will be murdered in the end unfortunately 😞

  4. Chucky Boy brings it home again!!! You the man Chris!!!

  5. What if chucky splits his soul into Andy? It definitely seems like it could happen knowing Mancini.

  6. It was probably a lot of stuffed bears because the episode how to deal with the characters interacting with a lot of dolls, the Tiffany doll that was Jennifer, Tilly, the Glen doll and go to guy Chuckie and buff chucky and bald Chucky

  7. This was the best episode out of both seasons so far. And, I do believe that Dr. Mixer is a friend/acquaintance of Chucky when he was human

  8. The original chucky is the chucky head in andys old cabin. How the thuck dont you know that lol

  9. This episode was actually so good I had goosebumps when the seed of chucky music was playing ❤️😁

  10. Hopefully season 3 will be less like seed and more horror chucky

  11. I think I know what the scattered parts are.
    You guys remember when Glen killed Chucky right?
    He hacked off his limbs one by one before chopping his head off with an axe.
    If this is true. That means the Chucky that started all of this. Was actually a copy of a copy.
    The original Chucky ain't inside Nica. That's another duplicate. Probably the first copy Chucky made.
    The Original Charles Lee Ray. Is still trapped inside the doll Glen butchered.

    You have to stab Chucky in the heart to kill him remember? And Glen never did that.
    The Chucky's aren't leaving a trail. They're searching for Chucky's original patchwork-face Body that glen destroyed.

  12. Something interesting that came to mind for me on Jake's desire to forgive Good Chucky were his unfinished hangups with his dad. He resented his dad for being homophobic, but he also believed that one day he would be accepted by him, which was the impact his death had on Jake. Maybe he's vicariously experiencing that hope through forgiving Good Chucky in spite of the torment Chucky has given him. I love the way this series explores characters' inner workings in a way that feels three dimensional, it's probably my favorite part of the show overall.

  13. I think the doctor I forgot her name was given a doll and it was Chucky but idk

  14. I’m the same way with bathroom scenes. I sometimes fast forward yucky looking bathroom scenes 🤢

  15. Thinking the title card might be the multiple chucky parts at the end

  16. i love good chucky
    Stuff Devon hes an ahole he dosent like Good chucky

  17. Reply
    H͜͡𝒂𝒉𝒂J͜͡𝒆𝒏𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒔 November 4, 2022 at 12:26 am

    4:54 REALEST SHIT.

  18. wait i thought the og chucky is in andys cabin locked in the safe?

  19. Reply
    Jamie Trouncelle ♡ November 4, 2022 at 12:26 am

    I have a question, if Doll Tiffany was locked up in the cage all this time, how come we saw Doll Tiffany at the end of season 1 in Andy's van? Am I missing something?

  20. I’m a true chucky fan . When Tiffany transfer body’s with Jennifer tilly chucky came in and stabbed the doll in the head so how is Jennifer still alive lol ?

  21. I love that the best episode came out on my birthday

  22. Reply
    Lil Shit Productions November 4, 2022 at 12:26 am

    I like this show but I really wish someone was good at acting. Even Jennifer Tilly is hard to watch😫 maybe it’s just my opinion but I just don’t understand a lot of shit in this

  23. justice for nica and jennifer!!

  24. Jennifer Tilly in the Cage reminds me of Bride of chucky when Tiffany had chucky in the Play pen.

  25. How did father Bryce and the sisters not see the blood on buff Chucky if I saw that I would know the doll was alive

  26. I actually thought that maybe bald chucky would be the colonel and what happened to the vomit good chucky vomited when he crucified buff chucky did he just clean it up and If good chucky killed the heart howed buff chucky come back to life?

  27. Buff chucky ending up crucified is an actual miracle. Just one of those obvious physical impossibilities. Like nika escaping last season. Yeah sure don whatever

  28. I like everything but they took it a little too far with the chocolate thing and family guy

  29. I agree the Tilly doll I thought as well was gone or just part of her collection . So maybe Tilly can come back like as a good guy . I'd love to see a actule good chucky vs bad chucky


  31. Why does no one talk about the fact that dr mixter played Brie’s death as a suicide even though moments before in her session she said she wants to enjoy her time left and live with her family. How people viewed life… that’s something like really important people always ask when bodies are found like dat

  32. unpopular opinion alert: tiff should’ve died in bride. i already don’t like seed seeing her in cult was wtv didn’t care for it that much but i haven’t been likening her inclusion in the show at all

  33. Its unbelievable that after all these years they've actually made the plot points of Seed kinda interesting

  34. Reply
    Luke’s Movies and Shows November 4, 2022 at 12:26 am

    I love this episode, the end really got me. I thought the OG Chucky was the Chucky Head from the first movie to Cult.

  35. This is a joke but what if the therapist is Tiffany's mom? Then in the final eps that's how all the characters connect

  36. I was rewatching some chucky movies and saw Tiffany with the scar on her head and I was like where is she now

  37. Good chucky = Gizmo

  38. So why was the gun empty ?

  39. I think the doll is good but I was worried that in the fight when he hit his head he was snapped back into being evil so he could be faking it rn or just slowly turning evil

  40. Well here's my theories. 1. Since they're dolls if the coral didn't lose his hair to buff Chucky or to good Chucky because it doesn't seem right for the personalities to change that much and I'll check you seem like a bit of a dimwit in season 1. 2. I agree I think that Gwen and Glenda are going to go back into the doll because they seem like they're realizing that they don't really fit separately. 3. As for that lady wow this wouldn't be the first time somebody was supposed to be dead actually ended up not being dead so I think it could actually be Chucky's mother. 4. Lastly I think Chucky is trying to torture Andy if you remember on code to check it Andy was torturing the Chucky had and so I think it's a matter of well I got you in my grasp where you can't do anything so now it's payback time.

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