CHUCKY Season 2 Episode 2 Spoiler Review | Breakdown & Easter Eggs 2022

October 20, 2022

Chucky 2022 TV Series Season 2 Episode 2 titled the sinner are much more fun full reaction and Chucky episode 2 review. while at the same time giving you my episode breakdown on easter eggs from the past horror movies. Chucky TV Series recap will happen weekly on the channel. This is also a Spoiler review so be warned. Chucky TV Series Episode 2 Review.


Chucky Season 2 Episode 1 Review:


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  1. I think this episode was better than the first one.

  2. Reply
    Treehuggingmomof7 Cyndi Chambers October 20, 2022 at 8:46 am

    As a wise man once said "red lights"

  3. Yk I had the same thought about chucky not being as frightening but it may also be bc they want us to know that’s not the real chucky but like they said, he’s just a pawn

  4. OG Fan Here

  5. I don't know if it was intentional or not but hearing Devon Sawa say "Idle hands are the devils playground" was great. About time they referenced that film haha

  6. Proud of you 3c

  7. Love youuu bro!

  8. The Idle Hands reference had me laughing.

  9. my problem with the first episode was that everything happened too fast. the second episode was way better and i’m so exited for the rest of the season

  10. Where can I watch season 2

  11. Besides Gucci mane record label

    What's the meaning behind 1017 🤔 was it a release date for a certain movie or is it the twins birthday 🤔

  12. I can't wait for the next episode

    Yeah I'm a og subscriber I love yo content bro 💯

    I'm mad they didn't show the twins face

  13. Reply
    icomeandgobybubble87 October 20, 2022 at 8:46 am

    Not Tiff watching Liar Liar! One of my favorite movies.

  14. Chucky is an influencer. That's my W theory

  15. I really hope Nica somehow gets away from Tiffany

  16. I'm really obsessed with the Chucky TV series I can't wait for episode 3

  17. It’s a birthday present set up for glen and Glenda mark my words 😎

  18. I think that season 2 is very mid for me so far. I just think they back-peddled by having the trio come back, because their characters had been completed, and they’re sort of bringing them back and for no reason, sort of undoing some of their character, by Lexi closing herself back up and becoming an addict, devin sort of just being a nothing character, and jake just seems off.

  19. If I’m being HONEST I thought Nadine was gonna be a piece of Glen or Glenda’s soul sent there to watch them at the school😭💯that red hair had me SWEATIN for a minute in a DIFFERENT way I kind wanted it to go that way cuz I wanted to see Glen/Glanda off rip😂

  20. 3Cfilms: can't believe that you (a so called real Chucky fan) liked the way they are going by now with Chucky. Chucky is made into a joke by now. Also I can't get over the fact that you like Glen and Glenda. I mean wtf, seed of chucky was the worst. Glenn/glenda was so ridiculous. I miss the old real evil Chucky, unlike this ridiculous dumb version of him. How can YOU as a fan of the originals like the way they take on Chucky now. He looks awful and he is a joke by now.

  21. Imho, this season SUCKS up until now. I feel like they are changing it into a teenage show and turning Chucky into a woman. I hate when Fiona is trying to mimic her fathers laugh cause it sounds and looks ridiculous. Till now I feel like this show isn't about Chucky anymore, it's all about Tiffany by now, glenn and Glenda are a no go for me cause it reminds me of the worst Chucky movie in the franchise (seed of chucky) many flaws for me: 1: the chucky doll looks to clean and adorable, 2: this isn't about Chucky anymore. 3: too much Tiffany (wich I hated since Bride of Chucky. 4: Chucky is weak AF in this season. 5: (not against gaypeople) but I feel it is a bit too much focused on the subject. 6: to much focus on Tiffany (I mean this show IS called Chucky am I right? 🥴 7: by including Glenn and Glenda this season will be a disaster just like Seed of Chucky. 8: they realy realy putting Chucky on the sidelines, he doesn't feel like he is the antagonist anymore. He is weak and they make him look like a soft adorable lame "evil" doll. He is but a glimpse of what he used to be in CP 1, 2 and 3. And 9!!! The Chucky we knew from CP 1, 2 and 3 will never EVER return 😟 by now it is a comedyshow with a living doll in it, nothing more, nothing to be scared of. There is nothing left of the thruly evil doll we once knew. Don Mancini is destroying his own creation without even knowing it. He created this doll as a horror icon. Now he is making it into a comedy teenage show. Real CP fans will get what I mean. People who are into this shit aren't familiar with the old Chucky imo. Chucky used to be scary, used to be realy evil, used to be cool, used to be unforgiving, used to be a non stop evil entity. Tiffany destroyed the franchise ever since Bride of Chucky.

  22. Reply
    What Are We Doing Here? With Hunter Hult October 20, 2022 at 8:46 am

    They definitely hinted that the redhead roommate is glen when they talked about how he/she was a bed wetter but hasn’t had an “accident” for a while… it might just be a red herring but I’m pretty sure her/his reaction to seeing Chucky for the first time wasn’t their first interaction with the doll!

  23. Theory time
    The movie we know as Bride of Chucky is the exact same movie as the one described in the Chucky-verse in episode 201. It came out after the events it was based on happened and starred everyone we saw in it. And Chucky Goes Phycho was going to be an abridged sequel to it but it was never finished due to the events of Seed of Chucky. So Tiffany never had Jennifer Tilly's likeness as her canon appearance. The one seen in the first season is.

  24. Please god, since jim carey exists in this universe can he please join the cast, he could be visiting his old friend Jennifer

  25. RED HAIRing

  26. Reply
    Theo Theo rodgrigiuez October 20, 2022 at 8:46 am

    How do you not have 1 mill you deserve it so much I love your channel

  27. Also cast Beth from strangers things next season. I never got into the show but S1 Barb was a vibe lol.

  28. I haven't been able to find free episodes so watching your recaps is awesomeee but I disagree with it being no bueno that the person with with limbs removed is being underutilized because I think last season they had their shine but Jennifer Tilly has been put in a poorly planned 'heavy hitter' role, kinda just put into the script and only shining because she is Jennifer Tilly, there was no real thrill to her role last season (no offense, I love her to death! I plan to name my chinchilla Jennifer Tilly (or Stacey's Mom but I digress lol)) So I REALLY appreciate them actually giving her the room to breath and not just using her in every scene as Jennifer has brought so much too this franchise and honestly is the pulse, not the blood but the pulse of the show IMO. I'm bloody excited she's having her moment. Let the limb girl stay limb girl so my girl can f**k shit up 🤣

  29. When it comes to finland I will wacht it whit my mom

  30. Awesome episode I can't waitttt for the rest of this season & to see how the rest of this show plays out

  31. I love to see everyone plotting against Chucky and Tiffany

  32. I feel like the reason side by side of why Chucky definitely looks a little more unsettling scary from the beginning compared to now like the heart attack scene is cuz at first he’s so angry he’s fresh off being a human and serial killer. By now he’s so much older and is almost having fun just being a killer doll

  33. Save yourself the life time mins on She-Hulk brother that entire show is total garbage.

  34. This show would be top 5 as a graphic novel or comic

  35. Man Fiona so beautiful to me. Those eyebows got me. 😉

  36. ok, so you know how chucky was fighting Jake and he ask Jake "how can a doll possible be so strong", mean while in season 2 episode 2 it shows CHUCKY trying to push a shelf looking like he is so weak, I like that detail. BTW show this in vid plz.

  37. I think hes taking pictures so the other chuckies can pick out who they want to transfer themselves to

  38. I agree with the criticism of the lighting and placing of the show. The older movies hit different and I can definitely say I’d probably have a heart attack if Chucky from the third movie appeared at my kitchen at night. This Chucky is good but I think it’s more humorous and the way he’s presented hasn’t given me the same gut- wrenched feeling as the old Chucky did. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Chucky but I wish they changed the way they presented him !

  39. I was laughing my ass off when he hissed at the nun😂😂😂then the selfies

  40. Did anyone else notice tiffanys house is same house on the boys

  41. Bella higginbotham(Nadine) would make a perfect live action Carrie Kelly. Too bad batfleck is over

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