CHOOSE WISELY! Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. iPhone 14 Pro Max HONEST Review! 2022

March 4, 2023

Whether you’re looking for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, or the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, today I decided to do an honest look at both these devices since the 14 Pro Max is apples most expensive offering, and latest flagship, and the S23 ultra is Samsung’s newest flagship phone.

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  1. I'm very sick at the moment, and in this video I was fighting a sore throat just to get this up, or else I'd have nothing for another week or so. I appreciate yalls support as always ❤️

  2. I have at&t and i pre-order my galaxy s23 ultra with 512gb for $1,200 in green, they gave me $1,000 towards it, by trading a galaxy s3 i bought on amazon i didnt want to trade in my note 20 ultra 😃

  3. Not sure how you decided lowlight is apple world guessing you don't know how to use the Samsung yet but it blows it away

  4. Hey brother which case are you using on 14 pro max

  5. Reply
    Duckily The Lovely March 4, 2023 at 10:18 am

    Got the s23 ultra. Love everything about it. Not a single regret
    My iphone 14 pro max friends get jelous of what i can do.

  6. One thing that helps the audio on the Samsung is the Dolby mode, pull down the notification shade and you might have to add it to the shade but there is an option for Dolby Atmos and it definitely helps the audio

  7. iPhone is garbage ! If you think about how you still can’t customize anything on it and have to pay for every app . So much bad hardware and issues . I’m going to try Samsung again and see if they improved since the last Note 9 I had with them. Good and honest review I like that .

  8. Those Iphone notches and islands are so ugly

  9. Watching this on my iPhone 14 pro max and I'm happy with the battery honestly giving me around 10 hours screen on time

  10. Great video, very technically informed, you even discuss the issue with swipe, which drives me NUTS! Just a minor correction, at 7:31 you say "thanks to the lower aperture". With the S23 Ultra Samsung went from f1.8 to f1.7 vs the iPhone's f1.78, so even tho the 14 Pro/Max had an ever so slightly wider aperture than the S22U, the S23U has a notable increase over both.

  11. Great , Another fuckin
    comparison video.

  12. Nice comparison video. Your birthday is the same as my daughter's. Happy birthday!

  13. Wait till apple release the iphone 15 y’all drool for sure

  14. navigation system in iphone is a dealbreaker for me. I always search for the way to go previous screen😁😁

  15. I did the best thing I have both of them 🤣

  16. Reply
    JustAnotherRandomGamer March 4, 2023 at 10:18 am

    Something most people miss out is the Routines functionality for Samsung.
    It is basically a powerful mini "Macro" for your phone. You can do simple commands like automatically and temporarily increase volume and make Bixby speak when the phone battery is charged to a specific level, and some even more complex tasks like do this and that when a message from a specific person is received.. etc!! I really hope Samsung expands on this feature in future updates as it can be a big game changer.

  17. I was samsung user for last 10 years now my hubby got me iPhone 14 pro Max to be honest I'm very disappointed and waste of money simple not much u can do compare to samsung. I'm defo gona get samsung s23 ultra.. u can't do multitasking or download free music like samsung. Or delete plus there no number on keyboard which is annoying samsung as it all. 🙄

  18. Happy birthday 🎂

  19. It’s because the iPhones peak brightness only kicks in under direct sunlight with auto brightness on

  20. I bought the s23 ultra. It's amazing, but if you have small hands… Just get the s23 normal

  21. Wallpapers on the thumbnail?

  22. apple is just slapping their customers in the face at this point. same exact phone. difference is minimal. and they FINALLY switching to USB C but you have to buy their special cable –__

  23. Reply
    Muhammad Mashal khattak March 4, 2023 at 10:18 am

    Subscribed 🙂

  24. I went from the S10+ to the S23 Ultra and it's like going from driving a horse and carriage to a Tesla. I was able to get 11 hours of sot on my first full charge. God bless innovation and waiting years to upgrade

  25. Here is what I think, the younger generations should use a Samsung device where they are more into a more rebellious, and more flashy experience with a device that gives them more customization and freedom to download third-party apps to enhance their gaming and the whole experience in general. But when they are in their 40s + they should switch to iPhones for a more relaxed, smooth, reliable, refined, and mature experience.

  26. Reply
    JΣrry Fļoгέaľ March 4, 2023 at 10:18 am

    Get well soon, mate.

  27. I switched from s22 ultra to iPhone pro max 14 and couldn’t be happier. I miss some of the old features like ultra fast charging, zoom, and the pen but iPhone is so much more stable. A brand new phone shouldn’t have issues holding s charge all day, and sending group texts. iPhone is a better phone but s22 is better for entertainment. Apple has nicer cases too and regardless of phone design, the case is what sets hand feel

  28. Need those wallpapers tho

  29. S23 Ultra is 🔥

  30. S23 Ultra is 🔥

  31. S23 Ultra is 🔥

  32. Hey vali..
    First of all congratulations to hit 15k..
    I liked your videos but one suggestion buddy. When you are showing mobiel then make sure your background must be not not shiny while playing your video I want to see iPhone and Samsung not your tv which playing sunset and firey 🔥 show.. also table bulb . Making your video much distracting. Work on it . Other love your videos. And many more sub to comes

  33. In Iphone there's no comparison for Samsung Dex… that can run as stand alone computer to external display.

  34. @ValisMind – may I know where you bought your S23 ultra case?

  35. I'm watching you from Yemen

  36. Holyshit good review but ngl I still use my S9+ since release. Must be over 8 years now. But I am thinking about getting some cheaper phone tho. Those two are too expensive but amazing

  37. Dont waste your money on Iphone.

  38. Glad to see destroying Apple Monopoly…

  39. I prefer iphone

  40. Great job on the video, bro. This is one of the few "unbiased" videos that actually felt unbiased. Keep it up!

  41. In my lifes best phone ….. is iPhone 14 pro max which I use ❤really it’s awesome and good phone

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