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September 10, 2022

Today the boys are feeling extra generous and are gifting each other some incredible foodie gifts! Wanna check out the gifts we reviewed? They are linked below!


Olive Oil Testing Kit:
Hydro Herb:
Whitebox Cocktails:

– Discover Smarter Recipe Packs – 3x delicious recipes, 1x simple shopping list
– Cut out food waste – share ingredients across recipes so nothing gets wasted
– Smash your cooking – plan, shop and cook like a chef, no effort required


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  1. My condolences for your loss of the Queen may she rest in peace.

  2. Reply
    Jose Christian Anthony S. Cabatuando September 10, 2022 at 1:26 pm

    Ummm could you try doing a play through of Plate up hahaha its a game where you run a restaurant and it would be nice to see you in one

  3. PLEASE do more London's best🙏🙏🙏

  4. Will the vinegar maker make your house stink of vinegar?

  5. I love how committed Sorted is to trying these products. Waiting the full length to try them out is so awesome! I love seeing it!

  6. This was the most boring video I’ve ever watched from this channel. Maybe you guys are losing ideas for gifts. If that’s thr case then please just stop rather than waste time with this ridiculousness

  7. My Dad makes (sweet) fruit vinegars every year with the last of his raspberry/blackberry crops but he doesn't use a vinaigrier – he just does it on large baking trays covered in cling film and leaves them in the garage 😂 They're cracking on salads but also really good on pancakes! We get gifted a new bottle every year and it goes to the back of the cupboard and we leave them as long as we can until we open them – currently working on 2015's batch! Yum yum

  8. I use old laboratory flasks for making vinegars. Works just as well, can be easily sealed with a rubber stopper and an airlock, and is cheap on eBay and other places on the interwebs.

  9. ❤️

  10. “Hydroponic herb kit”

  11. 2:32 at only 8 pound a bottle, that's a total steal. I have no idea why that's supposed to be "definitely a lot of money". And it includes an amazing package and guide.

  12. Would love to see u guys do the subscription boxes, pour and sip by master of malt. U get 5 drams in each box. And the Brewdog and friends box by Brewdog. U get 4 different cans, 2 of each.

  13. Please try making some lambanog with that vinegar jar thing

  14. I'd take the olive oil and vinegaria

  15. Background music was a bit too much in this video, make it subtle it's hard to watch.

  16. I'd love to make vinegar for my family as Xmas presents that would be awesome!

  17. Feel like every episode takes this show further away from the average common person.. Shout out to us actual 'Normies' lmao…

  18. I love your videos, but the microphones repeatedly peaking – even though my sound sensitivity issues are pretty mild, and even though this video isn't full of shouting… it's extremely painful.
    It must be agony for people with more serious problems. Even at low volume, the distortion from the peaking still hurts. It takes away a lot of enjoyment from the videos.

    Just to let you know. I think you can definitely manage better production value in terms of sound 👍

  19. A video idea for Christmas would be to prepare gifts and invite people from the streets to experience gifts and bring it home!

  20. Wow, cost of the cocktails went up in 1 day!! A mix of 6 with postage will cost me £39.50

  21. Barry sniffing the vinegar looked like a twink trying poppers.

  22. Love the vinegar thingy

  23. Vee-nay-gree-hey

  24. My condolences 💐

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