Cheapest new EV! (BYD Atto 3 / Yuan Plus 2022 review walkaround) 2022

May 6, 2023

When it arrives in July 2022, the BYD Atto 3 (BYD Yuan Plus) will be the cheapest electric car on the market. With a price of just under $45,000 driveaway, this “Build Your Dreams” electric car comes from China and will compete with the MG ZS EV, though BYD says the major rival is the Tesla Model 3. BYD is predicting 18,000 sales per year in Australia. That’s a huge number, given the Model 3 only sold 12,000 last year. Will the BYD Atto 3 be Australia’s favourite EV? Let’s find out!

In today’s episode, Chasing Cars editor Tom Baker takes you on a detailed, independent walkaround review of the 2022 BYD Atto 3 electric SUV. Available with a standard range 50kWh battery of an extended range 60kWh battery for $3000 more, the Atto 3 has 320km or 420km of range (WLTP) and a single FWD electric motor with 150kW of power (201 hp).

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  1. Why the F did they not put a small frunk in there?

  2. CarPlay wordt toegevoegd aan het scherm. Begin 2023 is CarPlay on this screen

  3. Build your dreams badge… Deal breaker right there 😅

  4. I found u have difficulties touch screen in brand new situation. Can we save for long term?

  5. that huild your dream needs to go other than that this seems very promising

  6. We need this in India

  7. An experience of buying (ordering) a BYD Yuan Plus (BYD Atto 3):
    Too disappointed at first!
    I ordered a Yuan plus (510KM flagship type) in Kunming, Yunnan, China, on June 14. When I signed the contract, the "car pick-up date" must be: "subject to the arrival of the actual car", according to the salesman (he said that all BYD sales contracts were like this).
    In late June, a car arrived (the salesman said), but the battery pack had a problem during the factory testing and was returned to the factory. Today, August 16, for two months, the salesman says that this type has never appeared due to the lack of chips or the production capacity arranged to the BYD seal. Then he reveals that my order was returned by one person who had waited for 4 months and couldn't wait any longer. So the salesman suggests I choose other types (WOW)… Later I heard that a friend ordered a BYD Song Pro and waited for 6 months (LOL).
    However, I often see news about how good BYD's sales are (and the company's value). For example, Yuan plus's July sales are ranked 6th(China EV domestic), which is now exported to Australia, Singapore, and Japan, named BYD Atto 3. So I really don't understand BYD's operations, as it seems to be playing with consumers.

  8. Should you really be buying something as expensive as an EV, from China?

    China is:

    – committing genocide against Uighurs

    – killing Falun Gong members

    – abusing human rights on an industrial scale

    – threatening Taiwan 🇹🇼

    Buying something as expensive as EVs from China would really support China economically + their gruesome policies.

    (written on a non-Chinese phone)

  9. Cheap Chinese Garbage!!!

  10. This car WILL get Android Auto and Car Play with OTA upgrade in September.

  11. Good looking car. Shame it's not coming to UK.

  12. E3 and auto 3 is a same car?

  13. just ordered my standard range White, most likely will upgrade as it gets closer. The momentum they have going on for them is incredible, without any marketing etc, they have generated so much attention

  14. Can this tow a box trailer?

  15. Is there any show room in Perth? Where would you service this car and do you need to install charger at home? Seems you can order online. The Price seems good compare to othet EV car. Anyone know where you can view this car in Perth? No spare wheel?

  16. I’m going to buy this car , so brilliant

  17. Reply
    khaleader ThePro May 6, 2023 at 8:46 am

    Dashboard design looks horrible

  18. Amazing

  19. Ok Tesla model 3 long range has 358 miles of range while byd longest range is only 260. Expensive Tesla model s has 405 miles of range. BYD doesn’t compare to Tesla range, speed, and performance .

  20. The “weired interior" design idea was coming from the gym, like the musle curve and boxing string on the door etc. 😂

  21. Great review thank you, I’m very interested in this vehicle however I hate the air vents and the red elastic straps on the door bottle holders. There has been some differing comments about the tyres the man who was opening the Sydney showroom suggested that the tyres were specifically designed for an EV however another reviewer considered the tyres very poor quality. There was also the suggestion that and update to the entertainment system in October 2022 should bring on board Apple car play. Prices also differ depending on each reviewer.

  22. If you know the Chinese road conditions, you would worry if it can cope here down under.

  23. I am the world people Want Car Engine

  24. I Don't like Car EV

  25. Hopefully the battery 🔋 doesn't catch fire 🔥 lithium iron phosphate is not stable. It's cheap for a reason. Good luck BYD 🤣

  26. this car is going to be the next generation Kona

  27. It's not like a cx3. It's just 2 cm short than last generation Tussan. With long wheel base this should be classified as midsized not small sized

  28. Does it have Road Sign Assist and a 360deg camera.

  29. has a rear window wiper, unlike the toyata ev, which magically never gets a wet dirty rear window.

  30. Chinese crap!!

  31. No spare wheel? wtf? very disappointing.

  32. Reply
    The Next Electric Car May 6, 2023 at 8:46 am

    This gadget looks wonderful, and the pricing is even better. I'm seriously thinking about selling my existing vehicle and purchasing one of them.

    Incredible value for money! Surely, for the sheer value, this has already won a car of the year award.

  33. I've ordered a blue extended range. I did notice a couple of points in the video that seemed different to the specs provided by BYD. Firstly, the onboard inverter is only 7kW, so this would be the maximum AC charging speed rather than the 11kW mentioned in the video. And DC charge speeds I've seen mentioned elsewhere are 45 mins rather than the 90 mins in the video. I'd be interested to hear about any clarification about these points. Thanks for the video!

  34. You say never going to get carplay??? But their latest spec sheet clearly says “coming Q4 2022”????

  35. Do the back seats fold down for more boot space?

  36. They hate gays Tom! If you were working for them in China, you will get bullied and fired!

  37. This vehicle looks OK. The most underwhelming aspect is EVDirect. They don't appear to be well organised. Mycar delivering and servicing the vehicles is unlikely to be run well from the start. I'd advise people to give this a year or two to get organised in terms of spare parts and service process and structure before ordering.

  38. Nice review.

  39. Just ordered one in white

  40. I cant see electric cars taking off any time soon in Australia…we are told to turn our air-conditioning to a certain level to save the planet and yet we are being pushed towards electric cars that will use heaps of electricity charging it. makes no sense to me.

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