Business Review In Numbers 2022 2022

December 29, 2022
  1. Have you thought about living in Japan, getting cheap products, and selling them on eBay? I feel theres better opportunities selling to the US. Or maybe be a Japanese distrubtor for US pokemon stores?

  2. Maaan, sorry to hear that. And sorry to say this too but I feel like this is the standard, was worried since you first mentioned it. Opening a business more often than not results in a lot of time and a ton of money being used, problems here and there and especially stress. That said, with the right amount of luck and effort, after the first year it all goes smoothly. Now then, if it doesn't, I suggest you from my parents' house lol to learn as much as possible, absorb everything so that if you find yourself wanting to do this again you at least know the dos and don'ts plus you won't find yourself in a few years saying "if I only did this or that it would have been a success", in any case, even if you think it won't go nowhere and it's a waste of time, give it your all (in moderation) while it lasts, might as well 😀

  3. Same here bud lol my business (Tcgplayer, ebay, amazon etc) combined about pays all my bills and expenses, more inventory and maybe I can get a game every month or two, not much else.

  4. Stay afloat, steady riding these waves. May your shop flourish my friend.

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