Business Review – Bamboo for Housing – March 24 2019 reviews

June 11, 2022

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    GREEN STEEL USA,LLC June 11, 2022 at 4:43 am

    I grow commercial giant timber in Georgia USA.

  2. I know about how much better bamboo house withstand earthquake compared to concrete. I’d heard that many people in Colombia don’t like bamboo houses as they associate it with poor people.. But guess what they had earthquakes and the bamboo houses remained standing whereas the concrete ones didn’t. I’d been hearing for quite awhile about da buildin* of bamboo structures in Colombia. Simon Velez is very well known for this. They use gradúa which is extremely strong. I thought that if 8 was to move to Colombia for sure I’d want to build a bamboo home . Been tryin* to find out if they have any in JA in case I was to move there.

  3. Old time people burly their houses with bamboo and mixed up the mud and cover the bamboo wha cool and strong old time days did nice and full a love and manners to others…

  4. Jamaica gone to China bamboo House's seriously?

  5. are they joking? bamboo houses ? how long will the bamboo houses last? NHT. want to rip off more poor people, those house cant last 50 years they will rotten within 1 decade

  6. Really u lot just a finger that out, I know that from 31 years now and I'm talking about full banboo house

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