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June 16, 2022

Hi guys,
In this video, I share several ways you can become a business analyst in Canada without any business analyst (BA) experience. This method just requires you to buckle down and do the work. Check out some ways to become a business analyst without experience.

Business Analyst professional organization – IIBA –
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  1. which school do you recommend?

  2. Can you tell more about Research Analyst at Humber ?

  3. Hello pratik i just wanna know do u have any idea about job oppurtunities in london for busines analysts i mean is it worth doing 1 year ms in buisness analytics from london??

  4. I have a Diploma in Business Information Technical and CPA. Do I qualify to become Business analyst.

  5. I'm introvert does business analytics suits me?
    Please answer this

  6. Sheridan – business analytics sept intake

  7. I got offer letter from cbu for post bacculerate business analytics course is it similar to graduation certificate I'm a bit confused about it ?

  8. Reply
    Entity GamerZ Shorts June 16, 2022 at 6:52 pm

    Consultancy is free?

  9. Hello
    As you have mentioned about license, just wanted to ask what kind of license we need to opt for?

  10. Reply
    All Govt Vacancy Information June 16, 2022 at 6:52 pm

    Can a student graduated from BCom Honors opt for pg diploma in data analytics?

  11. Sir DO REPLY!!
    i am looking forward to work in canada as currently i am an mba 1st year student frm india as per specialization selection frm 2nd year I'm confused to choose between business analyst and finance. Can you please advice me in which field i could get more job opportunity?

  12. Is it related to bcom

  13. I have done non medical and in statistics can i opt this course

  14. MBA in business analytics and business analytics both are the same ?

  15. How to connect with you brother. Actually i have to ask something

  16. Hello brother!! How about business analyst course from lambton college? Is is worth it?

  17. Hello bhaiya, I'm studying in grade 12 and i have decided to study in Canada for the fall intake 2022,im really confused with what I should provide as my marksheet for the application in colleges as my results will be out by may 2022 only so please guide me.

  18. Is it tough to study business analytics?

  19. Can I do masters of science in business analytics(MSBA) in canada after BBA in India?

  20. Hey, I am an IB Y2 student and will begin my undergraduate degree in the second half of 2022. I love the job of business analyst and truly desire to be one. However, I am a bit confused in choosing the right degree for this career. Should I do a
    Bachelor of Economics degree
    Bachelor of Commerce degree (major in information systems, etc)

    Which would provide a more clear path to becoming a business analyst?

    Hope to receive a reply by anyone. Thank you🙏🏻

  21. Can you please make a detailed vedio about CHRP certifications done at CANADA? I am a HR professional and planning to move to Canada. It would be grateful if you make a vedio on it

  22. I’m a civil engineering graduate with first class I’m planning to do master what do u suggest my future goal is to be a business analyst

  23. video on research analyst.. Much needed

  24. Bro please tell me one thing..
    I am in Brampton right now. I am pursuing my first year pg certification in project management for sep intake …my course will end in april 22 as it is a one year course. I am planning to take 2nd course in business analysis/analytics and want to continue in this field for full time.. but there are no colleges here in brampton who offers one year business analysis/ analytics course…Should i relocate to Toronto or Scarborough? Will it be a good decision? Suppose if i do not move and stay in Brampton, should i go for supply chain management? Is there any way i can move to BA field in future if i am pursuing project management in first year and supply chain management in 2nd year ? Is supply chain management as beneficial as BA course? Also if i do not have any diploma or degree in BA field can i still become a BA just on the basis if skills which i learn online? Please suggest me also if I should go for may intake or September? Also please tell me if one year BA course is enough to land a job in Canada? Also tell me if co up is good if i go for 2nd course as BA.

  25. Hi,Brother, i have done BBA and MBA in finance & banking. Now, can i do Diploma course in business analytics.

  26. is business analyst and business analytics same

  27. You are a motivational speaker trust me

  28. Is information analytics different then buissness analytics

  29. Very positive video, Thank you so much

  30. Hi Prateek.. Since I was aiming for 1+1 year program, is it ok if I do GBM first year and Business analytics for 2nd year? Or 2 years complete has to be done in Business Analytics to get a good job?

  31. Hey prateek . I am planning to apply for seneca for this course but i have completed my BSc ( physics , chem , maths ) and has no idea about the subjects . Will this course work for me? I mean there's no coding or programing right?

  32. I am from engineering background and done post grad diploma n banking and finance,at present m working as deputy manager in bank.I am confused whether to take mba or business analytic .can u guide? Can I do business analytical as specialisation in mba program?

  33. Hi prateek, I've opted for Business Analytics(more data oriented) and Project management-IT bundle course at Seneca. Is Management Consulting/IT consulting jobs possible upon doing these courses?

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