BRUTALLY HONEST Ethiopian Airlines BUSINESS CLASS Flight Review reviews

November 14, 2022

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BRUTALLY HONEST Ethiopian Airlines BUSINESS CLASS Flight Review is a video where Sassy Funke is a flight review on board Ethiopian Airlines from Addis Ababa to Lagos. Have you flown business class on Ethiopian before? Let me know in the comments below

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  1. Have you flown Ethiopian Airlines business class before? What did you think? How was the overall experience? Let me know below

  2. When I was last in Addis Ababa I had injera with chips yum yum.

  3. Ethiopia airline is the pried of Africa build by the African Good service,affordable price,beautiful cabin crew,smooth flight it's all there proud of Ethiopia airline 🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹

  4. Ethiopian business is no good, and for many reasons. The seats do not fit passengers over 180cms in height. The organization of transfers on Addis airport is shambles, as are the boarding procedures that exist on paper only. Until 15 minutes before departure, the flight was “on time”, then there was a change of the gate, 300 passengers had to be packed in busses. The full busses waited 25 minutes on the tarmac before moving and the flight left 1,5 hours late. The ground staff had no idea what to do when irritations ran high and one local passenger started to behave very aggressively towards another european passenger using racist slurs. Check in procedures for business class are not respected and other passengers just mixed right in and again, staff did nothing. Upon arrival I looked as if my bags were thrown from the plane on the runway: 2 metal containers packed deep inside my bag were dented and broken, the contents scattered. Finally the booking service also contributed: upon reservation I filled out the box for a professional invoice that never came. When I claimed it, it was refused because the payment was not made in Ethiopian currency.

  5. Sassy, this was a nice short review, and you seem very sincere (not to mention beautiful). I have never flown ET, because I have not personally traveled to Africa. However, in recent months I have been arranging travel to Africa for some family members and for an African charity that I support. Historically, ET's business class has not gotten very good reviews. I am pleased to see several positive reviews over the past year, so maybe they are improving their game. The hard product is definitely inferior to most international airlines, as they do not offer direct aisle access for all biz class seats, which has become the norm for other airlines. Some of their 777s even have a 2-3-2 configuration in biz, creating middle seats, which is simply unacceptable in a modern business class cabin. On a positive note, if you are using frequent flier miles, ET has wide open award availability through Star Alliance partners at attractive pricing. I guess that is not surprising if they are offering last-minute upgrades for just a few hundred dollars. All things being equal, if I were flying biz class to Africa, I would choose Qatar Airways or Brussels Airlines. However, if ET is available for half the miles (or less), I would definitely consider that option. (Talk about first world problems!😁)

  6. Great Video and Narrative
    Well presented

  7. Nice flight report.

  8. How was mask enforcement on international flights in busines? Were you able to take your mask off for any period of time?

  9. Thanks for your video! We flew ET in business class in 2019 (Frankfurt – Cape Town r/t) and experienced wonderful in-flight service, especially the Ethiopian cuisine. Now, we're about to fly with Ethiopian again in business class, this time to Tanzania. Very much looking forward to it! Hopefully, the lounges at Bole airport have been refurbished 🙂

  10. Can u go home with the kit n the head set

  11. Whoa 😂… but why are we whispering 😅

  12. Is PCR test not needed anymore to fly out of Nigeria? I know they say it isn't. But do the airline staff still ask of it out of ignorance?

  13. They have one of the best business class cabin and service!! I have flown with them for years ( sometimes 3 times in a year (6 with return)).. food is always good!! Spacious and amazing crew!!!

  14. Ethiopian airline is the best 👌 ❤

  15. Sassy Funkie, when are we watching your own video on your trip to SA? 😂
    Tayo Aina mentioned you in his video.

  16. I fly ethopian each time I go see my husband in Lagos I absolutely love it

  17. I enjoyed traveling with Ethiopian Airline despite it was my first time on a plane,I travelled from Nigeria to Kenya

  18. Does your channel have business cooperation? how to contact you?1

  19. I was introduced to Injera when i lived in Ethipia, it is delicious! I sometimes order it from my local Ethiopian restaurant 🙂

  20. Love Ethiopian, they are absolutely amazing airlines. Bole international airport always super busy, looking forward to the new airport to be built outside of Addis.. thank you for sharing your experience.

  21. Reply
    Willem-Henri DenHartog November 14, 2022 at 3:20 am

    Injera is fantastic. Good review

  22. I am glad you injoy it .I am ethiopian. I am so proud with our African airlines is growing and we don't have to use another airline to come home .thanks for sharing.

  23. Reply
    Teazer Femi Anthony's November 14, 2022 at 3:20 am

    Nice one sassy funke, I am a first timer

  24. Love how baby is enjoying herself.♥️♥️

  25. Do all airlines bid?

  26. Pls can you make a video on how you bid for business class. what cabin class did you initially pay for before you upgraded. Also talk about different ways you can upgraded from an economy class to business or first-class thanks.

  27. Randomly came across this great content thumbs up 👍…you got a new subscriber.

  28. The ethiopian food is called doro wot its delicious food 😋

  29. Good job

  30. Great review. More of like these please. New sub here.

  31. Hmmmmmm, madam funke! You're a typical Nigerian. You no dey chop wetin una no no? Why chicken always? Lol! You for tell dem to give wetin you never chop before? Anyway, I dey behind you gidigba. I enjoyed the video. Good luck

  32. Hello good Morning can someone travel to Nigeria without the Per. P. C. R covid test after i have taken two dose of the vaccine

  33. When you should have requested for water, you instead requested for Champaign……..hmmmmmmm Sasssy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. The chicken sause is called Doro wot

  35. I love how you do your research to get all the great deals on upgrades without breaking the bank. It really does help to be a star member, the lounges are exceptional.


  37. Yes Funke, I love the sour taste of the Injera. It is organic and delicious.

    I will definitely be flying business class next time.

  38. Really love this good job for taking your time to show us their business class features

  39. Funke,
    You sure gave Ethiopian Airline some free advertisment. Be sure someone from the organization see this so you get paid or at least free tickets for next trip.

  40. 2:39, 'Champagne of course!'

  41. Enjoyed this flight review, the plane looks new too.

  42. Really love the review but love the different charging ports more

  43. You did live the business class life for us!😄😄 Great content, as always. Thumbs UP!

  44. What kind of Aircraft did you fly…Manufacturer & Model?
    Hope it was not a "Boeing Max 8"…if you know what deal is.
    For your sake and safety…boing,⚽️ boing,🏀 boing,🏐…gone forever!!!

  45. Hi Sassy, indeed, plane bathrooms have gotten ridiculously small in recent years, and in some cases are almost unusable. It is difficult to turn around in them, you cannot wash hands in the tiny sink, and if you have a child to change …. Good luck with that. This is what happens when bean counters design planes, and sadly most of them are men!

  46. You dont tell us the type and age of the aircraft which ha# huge bearing on the standard and and type of interior.. A more modern aircraft will usually be to a higher standard, though the standard of interior is ver6 much a choice of airline.
    If the toilets are bigger it means less of something else, usually passengers which in turn will increase ticket price to compensate. Never been on Ethiopian, but they look superb on all footage ive ever seen

  47. A legenda di Youngstars.Quest snowquen hè u mo idolu. Hè a persona chì aspiru à essek, hè a mo luce di ghjornu

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