British man 'cured' of HIV: BBC News Review 2022

August 7, 2023

The story:
A man in Britain has become the second person to be cleared of HIV after receiving a stem cell transplant.
Doctors said he received bone marrow stem cells almost three years ago from a donor with a rare genetic mutation that resists HIV infection.

Key words and phrases:
situation of widespread disease
– The ease and frequency of air travel can quickly turn a local disease into an epidemic.
– The head of police has reported that the city is suffering from a crime epidemic.

permanent genetic change
– The majority of cancers result from a mutation of the body’s cells.
– The book went through three mutations after I received feedback from my editor.

encourages or causes
– The large drop in the company’s share price was spurred by a profit warning.
– The fear of failing his exams spurred Dan into action and he started studying harder!

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  1. 🦩 All the world suffered from the Covid-19 virus. It was an epidemic.
    🦩 Adaline had a mutation in her genes. She had never grown up or got older. She seemed to be in her thirties all her life.
    🦩 The accident spurred her to change her lifestyle!

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  17. Then what is meaning of pendemic

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    expert cricket tips August 7, 2023 at 7:10 am

    HIV can be cured using dip diet

  19. Thank You BBC Team. Very informative and helpful videos. 🙏🙏🙏 thank you.

  20. Thanks guys for selecting great news for us! Thanks Catherine and Dan for detailed explanations.

  21. I wonder how much it cost to have the blood test to see if you’re resistant to HIV

  22. Wow really interesting

  23. Love dan and Catherine. Thank you very much

  24. Dan, in the beginning of this video, looks like drinked a large glass of coffee ha ha ha

  25. Just fascinating i have been waching bbc learning english videos for arround 5months and since then i think i've improved my level great job i'm really satisfied by what you're doing
    Your fan from Algeria 🤗

  26. There is a widespread epidemic of corruption. So, goverments and societies urgently need a real mutation. That change will spur the countries to an economic growth.

  27. I love your explanations and atmosphere of yours. Cheers

  28. When it is come to market

  29. Guys, you are soo nice, I really feel your positive energy, thanks!

  30. It's a ccR5 mutation, very rare only 1% in the whole world. Especially found in Caucasians. It's a gene mutation.

  31. Hello every one on BBC news rewiew I have been learning English a lot. Thanks I enjoyed. Should we have a news about why panthemic suicide in young people in the world? Than you so much

  32. Where to get the transcript?

  33. can the channel be added to the subtitle??? please !!!

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