Brazilian trucker strike continues: BBC News Review reviews

February 14, 2023

A trucker strike in Brazil that is crippling the country has not ended despite a government decision on Sunday to lower diesel prices.

Many truckers are continuing their blockades across hundreds of highways in most states.

Brazilian officials said they feared radical militants were getting involved.

Eight airports are still closed and traffic at Brazil’s main port of Santos has diminished to a trickle. But the Brazilian president Michel Temer says he’s confident the strike will end within days.



Key words and phrases

difficult to get or find
-In the desert, water is scarce. It does exist, but it’s difficult to find.
-As soon as I saw mum coming, I knew she was angry so I made myself scarce.

increases the effect of something
-Adding salt to water amplifies its ability to conduct electricity. It works better.
-Admitting his crime only amplifies the public’s negative view of him.

worries or makes nervous
-It always rattles me when I have to take an exam – even if I’ve studied.
-The dog gets rattled by the fireworks so we keep him inside at festival times.

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  1. I love Sain. She is so charming!

  2. Recent,Kaoyan has rattled me very much.But today,my teacher asks experienced senior students share their idea and approach,which amplifies my confidence to prepare the exam.

  3. Reply
    Đỗ Đạt Huỳnh February 14, 2023 at 2:42 am

    Thank BBC. Scarce is a good Word. "Language books in my hometown is scarce, especially French books, Therefore i must go to big cities to buy them."

  4. Great program that I have been listening to it on a regular basis. Hopeful there will be subtitles provided in the future.

  5. much gratitude and many thanks for these videos,they're really enjoyable and informative 😍😍

  6. It's amazing to see a BBC News Review of a Brazilian news! Many thanks

  7. this is a cumunist government that brazilians people don't stand anymore, we want a intervention with all the civilians and military support to take out this corrupt goverment!

  8. Hi bbc news reviews thanks for talking about Brazil. Congratulations in say são paulo very good

  9. I loved this !!

  10. BBC rocks! Love it!

  11. I didn't know the word rattle yet. I'd like you talk about phrasal verbs more often, please and thank you

  12. Reply
    The Bible Is On The Table February 14, 2023 at 2:42 am

    Brazilian government wants to punish citizens who ask help from brazilian army against communism. #INTERVENÇÃOMILITAR

  13. Reply
    The Bible Is On The Table February 14, 2023 at 2:42 am

    The main problem here in Brazil is not the price of the gas. We want a military intervention because the communists took control of the government by using fraudlent electronic voting machines.

  14. The Brazilian people in the streets of the Brazilian capital, Brasilia and 26 other states, asking for a military intervention now!

  15. Michel Temer is one of the most biggest thieves and corruptive politicians of the Brazil.


  17. SALVE MORO!!!


  19. Great video, I liked a lot 👍

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