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November 16, 2022

Bravado Buffalo STX GTA 5 Best Customization Matte Pearlescent Respray Glitch Paint Jobs Tuning Mod Paint Job – Bravado Buffalo STX Rally Aggressive Drift Racing Clean Build | Review | GTA 5 Online | New Free Prize Ride Car Bravado Buffalo STX GTA 5 best Customization – Bravado Buffalo STX Super Luxury Drift Rally Clean Build | Review & Test Drive | Clean Aggressive Build Paint jobs – Buffalo STX Customization GTA V – Full Respray Matte Pearlescent Paint Job | GTA V Online

In this video we’ll watch one of the best Paint Jobs Customization upgrade mod tuning – Review Livery and Testing Drive for the super Sports Dodge Charger Rally Vehicle Bravado Buffalo STX in Grand Theft Auto V Online 2022 – Need For Speed Dodge Charger Competizione Edition – Buffalo STX has one of the best sounding cars in GTA Online as it’s engine have very cool sound especially when not putting it’s Turbo, and it have good handling for drift performance too, it worth to buy when adding imani tech too!

It’s on Big Sale Discount this week!

Bravado Buffalo STX is a 4-door muscle car featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update DLC event.

Bravado Buffalo STX Price: $2,150,000 Worth it
Unlock Trade Price: $1,612,500 Worth it
Where to buy Buffalo STX Location: Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Bravado Buffalo STX Top Speed: 126.25 MPH (203.18 KMPH) – Broughy1322
Similar vehicle(s) : Buffalo – Sprunk Buffalo – Gauntlet – Redwood Gauntlet – Gauntlet Hellfire

The design of Buffalo STX is based irl in real life on the 2015-present Dodge Charger (LD). The majority of its design remains faithful to the Charger, with the front and rear bumper designs taking inspiration from the SRT models; likewise, the wheels are based on those found on the 2020 SRT Hellcat Widebody. The differences between the Buffalo STX and Charger are the altered bodywork towards the C-pillar and the exclusion of quarter windows in the rear doors. The taillight shape is that of the 2013-2017 SRT/Dodge Viper (VX I). The hood might have been inspired by the 2015–2020 Shelby GT350 (S550), while the side vents bear a resemblance to the ones found on the BMW M3 (F80) and BMW M4 (F82/F83).

** – Also in the video there is Cinematic Review for first time ever in a Customization video, i hope my youtuber friends not steal same ideas after they already stole my expression words and similar builds too! XD – **

I hope you enjoy the video! 🙂

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